25 Best SNL Sketches Of All Time You Have To See! (List25)

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Yes, we really do have the 25 Best SNL sketches of all time! Even though you’ve seen it a thousand times, the best SNL sketches still find a way to make you laugh. Memorable and hilarious, they’re a cut above the rest, sticking in your head long after they’ve been off the air. It’s all in the writing, of course. The scripts are so well-written, finely crafted, and absolutely preposterous, that you can’t help but belly laugh.

At the same time, there’s no doubt the Saturday Night Live players bring the script to life. They’re so funny, it’s difficult to imagine anyone else pulling off the skit in their place. Saturday Night Live has been around for decades with a myriad of sketches to choose from. With that said, I realize it’s no small feat to try to pluck out a handful as the best, but I think many of these deserve high acclaim for their deft writing and hilarious performances. Here are 25 best SNL sketches of all time.


Jacuzzi Lifeguard

What happens when you combine Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell in the same skit? Pure, hilarious magic. While Ferrell’s character tries to relax in a jacuzzi, Carrey’s uptight lifeguard does everything possible to make sure that never happens. This isn’t the only time they’re in a skit together, so be prepared for another one coming up on this list.


What Up With That?

Kenan Thompson is arguably one of SNL’s greatest performers. In this recurring sketch, he plays Diondre Cole, the host of a talk show called “What’s Up With That?” During the show, he interrupts guests with jingles. Things only become more bombastic as the skit goes along, ending on Cole unable to interview the rest of his guests and always disappointing frequent guest, Lindsey Buckingham.


Wake Up and Smile

wake up and smileSource: https://view.yahoo.com/show/saturday-night-live/clip/40041430/wake-up-and-smile?utm_medium=referral&utm_source=link&utm_campaign=desktop_share

You might not recall this sketch starring Will Ferrell and Nancy Carell, but I think it deserves way more attention for its genius. Despite it’s obscurity, it has some of the funniest and clever writing on SNL. Setting up a standard daytime talk show, things quickly go awry when the teleprompter stops working. The descent into madness and the biting satire of daytime talk shows is hilarious.


Chippendales Audition

chippendaleSource: https://view.yahoo.com/show/saturday-night-live/clip/60269645/chippendales

Once you see the juxtaposition of Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze facing off in a Chippendales audition, it’s easy to see how funny it will turn out. Farely, though, knows how to kick things up a notch and make a skit like this work. It’s hard to imagine anyone else pulling it off the way he did.


Puppet Class

First aired on Season 38 in 2012, there’s something hilariously unique about this sketch. Setup in a dirty apartment in New York, a puppet teacher played by Seth MacFarlane tries to teach three students the art of puppetry. Things turn to dark comedy when a veteran with PTSD (Bill Hader) keeps putting himself in his puppeteering.

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