25 Best Radio Stations In The US

With so many radio stations broadcasting across the United States, it’s easy to wonder which are the best. For a while there, radio took a backseat in popularity to television, but with the dawning of broadband internet, radio is seeing a bit of a resurgence. Radio is no longer subject to only short distances and can broadcast worldwide across the internet. People can now listen to their favorite radio stations on several smartphone apps as well. Clearly, we have more options now than ever, making it tough to decide the best station. We’re here to help you out, so don’t touch that dial, here are 25 Best Radio Stations In The US.

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WRHU 88.7 FM

hofstraSource: https://www.hofstra.edu/academics/colleges/soc/wrhu/wrhu_schedule.html

A radio station out of Hofstra University, they specifically shine with news reports, winning several awards from press organizations. They also play a wide variety of music, from jazz to classical to hip-hop.


Radio Free Brooklyn

radio freeSource: https://radiofreebrooklyn.com/about-radio-free-brooklyn/

The only primarily internet radio station on this list, Radio Free Brooklyn is a young station but showcases some unique programming. Their hosts have complete freedom to organize their shows, so you’ll find a wide variety of music and topics discussed.


KXUA 88.3 FM

KXUASource: http://www.kxua.com/

Started in 1973 and broadcasting out of the Ozarks, this radio station had a long-fought battle to stay student-run at the University of Arkansas. The battle was won in 2000, and since then they’ve gone from being mostly talk radio to blasting a wide variety of music, from golden oldies to rap.


WSIX 97.9 FM - The Big 98

nashville radioSource: https://thebig98.iheart.com/

Also part of the iHeart Radio network, this Nashville based station considers itself the #1 station for new Country music. It features the Bobby Bones talk show and also does a Country Top 30 list. Country fans would be remiss if they didn’t check this one out.


KRRL 92.3

iheart radioSource: https://real923la.iheart.com/

Called LA’s new home for Hip Hop, this radio station will please fans eager to hear non-stop R&B and Hip Hop. It also features the talk show “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” and is part of the iHeart Radio network.

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