25 Best Pottermore Stories You Should Know

From character profiles, wood qualities, news about the movies, quizzes, and spell details, Pottermore has so much to offer those who love to lose themselves in the wizarding world. We took some time to read the features, learning so much in the process, and here we have summarized for you what we think are well worth checking out. Here are 25 Best Pottermore Stories You Should Know.


The Great Wand-O-Graphic


Okay, stats nerds, this one is for you. If you’re not a stats nerd, you might still find this pretty darn cool. It’s like reading an illustrated sports card for all our favorite wizards. How many times did Harry Potter use his wand throughout all 7 books? Which spells were uttered the most? Which chapter has the most wand usage? We know you’re curious now.


Floo Powder & The Floo Network

floo powder

Magical transportation sounds exciting, but there are many rules and regulations. Aparation is dangerous and difficult to learn; traveling by broomstick around muggles is prohibited and breaks the International Statute of Secrecy. What is to be done? The Floo Network.

What do you need to operate the Floo Network? Floo powder of course! Find out who invented it, how much it costs, and why trying to create your own…isn’t highly recommended!


The 10 Scariest Harry Potter Villains


The Harry Potter universe sure has some deviously brilliant and evil villains; characters that breathe torturous intentions and actions with no shortage of clever scheming and betrayal. Out of all the wicked wizards, who were the worst? The 10 Scariest Harry Potter Villains tells you the Pottermore team’s thoughts.



purple swirl paint

While many people might not immediately think about it, color has meaning and very specific associations throughout every culture; the wizarding culture is no exception. In this writing by J.K. Rowling, we find out why the house colors were chosen and what they represent, along with notes on important and unimportant colors to the wizarding community.


1920's Wizarding America

1920s gangster

Here is another cool history piece regarding the 1920’s American wizarding world. A distinctive part about this writing is that it talks about the wand makers in the States at the time. You might find it quite different from the way wands were made in Europe.

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