25 Best Pottermore Stories You Should Know

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Pottermore provides numerous resources such as character profiles, the properties of varied woods, movie news, quizzes, and spell specifics for those who love immersing themselves in the magical world. We have taken the time to go through these features and have learned a lot. This is a summary we’ve put together of what we consider to be really worth exploring. Here are the top 25 Pottermore stories you need to know about.


5 Times Love Made Characters Braver Than Ever Before

wooden hearts

Love is the most powerful magic of all. In this Pottermore article, we find outlined 5 times when that most powerful magic not only made people stronger, but also braver than ever before.


The Harry Potter Books from Severus Snape's Perspective


Complete with the dry humor we know and love from Severus Snape, we get to see his part in the journey to defeat Voldemort, isolated and from his perspective. A very entertaining read for those who are big Snape fans.


Care of Magical Creatures Series: Unconventional Pets


We started to fall in love with magical creatures thanks to Hagrid. Then with the release of Newt Scamander’s textbook, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, we fell even deeper in love. Pottermore actually has a few stories based around fantastic creatures, but this one talks specifically about creatures that wizards might want as pets, including Bowtruckles and Nifflers.


The Magical Congress of the United States of America


If you enjoy history almost as much as you do the Wizarding World, this Pottermore story is for you. It outlines the origins of MACUSA and major important laws and events up through the 1920’s. It also points out a lot of differences in the Wizarding World in the US versus the Wizarding World in Europe…and a little bit about why those differences exist.


Why We Love Arthur Weasley So Damn Much


Arthur Weasley is a very likable wizard. There’s something about his character that makes us feel not only warm inside but also ready for some grand, slightly mischievous adventure. If you’re having a difficult time figuring out just why and how he might make us feel that way, check out this article. It’s full of specific examples that serve as reminders why we love him just so darn much.


The Great Wand-O-Graphic


Okay, stats nerds, this one is for you. If you’re not a stats nerd, you might still find this pretty darn cool. It’s like reading an illustrated sports card for all our favorite wizards. How many times did Harry Potter use his wand throughout all 7 books? Which spells were uttered the most? Which chapter has the most wand usage? We know you’re curious now.


Floo Powder & The Floo Network

floo powder

Magical transportation sounds exciting, but there are many rules and regulations. Aparation is dangerous and difficult to learn; traveling by broomstick around muggles is prohibited and breaks the International Statute of Secrecy. What is to be done? The Floo Network.

What do you need to operate the Floo Network? Floo powder of course! Find out who invented it, how much it costs, and why trying to create your own…isn’t highly recommended!


The 10 Scariest Harry Potter Villains


The Harry Potter universe sure has some deviously brilliant and evil villains; characters that breathe torturous intentions and actions with no shortage of clever scheming and betrayal. Out of all the wicked wizards, who were the worst? The 10 Scariest Harry Potter Villains tells you the Pottermore team’s thoughts.



purple swirl paint

While many people might not immediately think about it, color has meaning and very specific associations throughout every culture; the wizarding culture is no exception. In this writing by J.K. Rowling, we find out why the house colors were chosen and what they represent, along with notes on important and unimportant colors to the wizarding community.


1920's Wizarding America

1920s gangster

Here is another cool history piece regarding the 1920’s American wizarding world. A distinctive part about this writing is that it talks about the wand makers in the States at the time. You might find it quite different from the way wands were made in Europe.


The Leaky Cauldron

leaky cauldron

Curious about the oldest pub in London? This piece by J.K. Rowling will tell you more, including how they manage to keep muggles from ever coming back!


The Potter Family


This story tells about Harry’s family line, from the beginning all the way to James, and how the Potter family was connected to the Peverell family, a very important connection that’s hinted at in Deathly Hallows. You’ll also learn a bit about how the Potter family amassed their fortune and about a couple other Potter family members that played important roles in wizarding history throughout the years.


The Most Gruesome Wizarding World Deaths and Injuries

screaming in pain

It’s no secret that the wizarding world is not all love potions, good luck charms, and quidditch matches. The Harry Potter universe has some pretty dark stories. In this article, some of the darkest and most horrible injuries and deaths are outlined. If nothing else, it stands as a testament to why wizards need to learn how to defend themselves.



Remus Lupin

remus lupin portrait cropped

Remus Lupin was such a kindhearted and lovable character. In fact, even J.K. Rowling admits that he was one of her favorites throughout the entire series. In this writing, Rowling gives an overview of Lupin’s life, highlighting important parts along the way.


The Pottermore Guide to the Twenties: The Cult of Celebrity

Vilma Banky and Rudolph Valentino

If you’re in awe over the 1920’s fashion and society, as seen in Fantastic Beasts, this would be an interesting read for you. It discusses how the quick changes and growth in film and fashion had an impact on society as a whole…and how celebrities started to gain cult-like followings.


What's in a Wand? Tree Symbolism and Wandlore in Harry Potter


Wandlore is no small part of the Harry Potter universe. If you’re looking for a concise place to learn about the different wand types and which wizards are best suited for which wand and why, What’s in a Wand is a great place to go.




Ever wonder why wizards don’t use muggle technology? Are they even allowed to use muggle technology? Find out here.


Hermione Granger's Most Badass Moments

hermione granger

While Hermione is a bookish nerd-type through and through, what most people fail to realize is that “bookish nerd-type” does not equate to “no stamina or grit.” Quite honestly, Granger possesses more moxie than your average wizard. Need proof or a few reminders? Be sure to read Hermione Granger’s Most Badass Moments.


5 Reasons You Should Be Best Friends with a Hufflepuff


Looking for a new best friend? One who is loyal, just, knows how to party? You should look for a Hufflepuff. If you’re not quite convinced, make sure you read through this Pottermore entry. #badgerpride



black family tree

Prejudice exists even in the wizarding world, sadly. It appears magic doesn’t take away ignorance. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you’ll be familiar with the term “pure-blood.” What exactly does it mean and what’s the history behind it? J.K. Rowling answers those questions and more in this Pottermore feature.



measuring system

One subtle detail many notice in the Harry Potter universe is that the units of measurements are not metric. Here, J.K. Rowling gives a little bit of insight as to why, and she also reveals the hilarious reason she ended up accepting an invitation to join the British Weights and Measurements Association.


Every Time Harry Potter Should Have Been Expelled from Hogwarts

harry potter still

It’s only natural to cheer on the hero, even if they are breaking some serious rules! (…and to be honest, especially when they are breaking some serious rules!) Have you ever stopped to think how many times Harry Potter should have been expelled? Who knows? Maybe his celebrity-status did get him out of a few sticky situations with the Hogwarts administration?


The Most Bizarre Things We Learned from the Fantastic Beasts Textbook


Fairies…crop circles…monkeys with bowl-shaped hollows on their heads…and some creature that farts fire…Bizarre Things is a pretty comical and well worth the brief moment or two it takes to read.


Behind the Scenes: Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom


This is a really cool Pottermore post for those interested in how the books were translated to movies. It tells why the production designer made certain set choices, and how the set changed for each Defense Against the Dark Arts professor based on their personalities. There’s also a really neat illustration.


Wizarding Schools


This section of Pottermore gives important summary details of many of the wizarding schools throughout the world, important wizards that attended, where they are thought to be located, and what each school is known for. The best part about this section though, is the incredible amount of detail and history that’s given about Ilvermorny, the wizarding school in the United States. It details how and who founded it, as well as details about the 4 houses in that school. If you read nothing else on Pottermore from this list, we highly suggest this one!

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