25 Best Places To Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day From Around The World

Saint Patrick’s Day is one of the most celebrated religious festivals worldwide, with hundreds of millions across the globe celebrating it each year. This pure Irish tradition, which started in Dublin, quickly conquered the world and many famous landmarks turn green on the day to commemorate Ireland’s patron saint every year. So, what will you do to mark this Irish festival on March 17? Here follow 25 hot destinations where you can celebrate Saint Patrick’s day this year.


Carrickmacross, Ireland

Carrickmacross, Ireland

In this small town in County Monaghan, Ireland, a fancy festival is held annually on St. Patrick’s Day at 3 p.m. It is a fun-filled day for families. There’s always plenty of live music, color, and festivities including a fun fair, bouncy castles, giveaways, prizes for best floats, best band, and best shop window display. People from near and far take part or just come to watch and soak in the atmosphere.


Coatbridge, Scotland


Essentially taken from the Great War and to mark the festival of St. Patrick in Coatbridge, the exhibition will highlight the number of Irish people who settled in the town and subsequently the number of Irish regiments that were represented in Coatbridge during WWI, giving details about the lives of the soldiers who fought and died in the conflict.


Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand

The St. Patrick’s Festival in Auckland is organized by the St. Patrick’s Festival Trust, a non-profit organization set up specifically to run the festival, supported by a team of volunteers who give their time, energy, and unceasing enthusiasm to make this festival one of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. For that alone it deserves our respect.


Cabo Roig, Costa Blanca, Spain

Cabo Roig, Costa Blanca

The gorgeous Cabo Roig turns green for St. Patrick’s Day every year and hosts a fabulous parade and party to celebrate Ireland´s national saint. Last year’s parade was the largest in Spain and this year they intend to break the record.


Nottingham, England


In Nottingham, teachers and parents of the town’s biggest schools display their artistic talents in the town’s parade, while the rest of the young people wear costumes based on the story of Oisin and Tir-Na-Nog.

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