25 Best Places For Fall Colors That Are Remarkably Breathtaking

Fall is not just about pumpkin spice…especially since that basically shows up in the summer now. If you live anywhere other than where I live (Florida), fall brings cooler temperatures and an abundance of nature’s artwork in hundreds of shades of red, yellow, and orange (among other rarities). While I’ve personally visited a few places on this list, I have to admit, writing this really made me want to travel to all of the others. Here are 25 Best Places For Fall Colors That Are Remarkably Breathtaking.


Forest of Dean - Gloucestershre, England

forestofdean1Source: http://www.royalforestofdean.info/

Formerly a royal hunting ground, parts of this forest are home to over two hundred varieties of trees. The Oak, Larch, and Beech trees turn from a golden color to a russet red depending on species and time of year. Try not to get in the way of the introduced wild boar, which have been living and breeding in the forest since 2006.


Moosehead Lake – Greeneville, Maine

moosehead1Source: http://www.mooseheadlake.org/

Maine’s largest lake is also surrounded by spectacular fall foliage. There are many points of interest along a near 75 mile stretch, but the Attean Overlook gives an extraordinary view of the Moose River Valley and its abundant fall shades that visibly stretch all the way into Canada


Takachiho Gorge – Miyazaki, Japan

takachiho-gorgeSource: https://taiken.com, Photo: shutterstock

The Japanese have a term for the changing colors that accompany the fall months: Koyo (紅葉). Much like the cherry blossoms in spring, the Koyo season is organized and widely celebrated. There are a huge variety of great places to see Autumn color in Japan, but one of the best might very well be Takachiho Gorge. The landscape there is spectacular. The sides of the rock walls go from vertical and smooth to horizontal and jagged and present a natural timeline of the region’s geology. Meanwhile, the waterways and cliffs are surrounded by shades of every autumn color from evergreen, to red, to yellow making this an experience of a lifetime!


Grand Traverse Bay – Traverse City, Michigan

traverse-lighthouseSource: https://www.traversecity.com Photo: shutterstock

In the fall, the maple and oak trees along Grand Traverse Bay contrast incredibly against evergreen pine, spruce, and fir trees. Inspiration Point gives an exceptional view of Lake Michigan among the fall colors. An added bonus (with a short scenic drive) is the nearby Grand Traverse Lighthouse, which was originally built in the 19th century.


Northeast Kingdom - Lyndonville, Vermont

nekingdom1Source: http://www.foliage-vermont.com/, Photo: pixabay.com

Vermont is known as the mecca for serious leaf viewers in the Eastern United States. Late September and early October are the absolute best times to explore the Northeast Kingdom, near the border of Quebec, Canada. For the best view in the area, make your way to Hazen’s Notch state park. The mountain’s elevation change combined with gorgeous canopies (that you will drive under on the way) make for a beautiful journey to match the destination.

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