25 Best Drinking Games That’ll Get The Party Started

What party would be complete without a good ol’ drinking game? Most people know Beer Pong and Flip Cup, but here we’ve gone deeper and pulled out some games you’ve likely never heard of. Whether you’re at home or at the bar, these fun drinking games are sure to break the ice. Drink responsibly and enjoy these 25 drinking games that’ll get the party started.


Wizard Staff

Wizard staff drinking game

Best played when you’ll be drinking the whole day, Wizard Staff is played by taping together finished beer cans into the shape of a staff. Any wizard-wannabee has to take a shot after every five levels and staffs are measured at the end of the event. Whoever has the longest staff is declared the Wisest Wizard. If two or more people have the same size staffs, they must battle with the staffs. Whomever’s staff remains intact is the winner.


Master of the Thumb

Drinking during Prohibition

A drinking game add-on, Master of the Thumb is played alongside any of these other games. One person is picked to be the Master and, whenever they (as unknown to the others as possible) put their thumb on the table, everyone else has to do the same. The last one to do it drinks and becomes the new Master of the Thumb.


Blank Hands

Edward 40 hands driking game

Whether it’s Edward 40 Hands, Edward Cider Hands, or Amy Winehands, players have a bottle taped to each hand and cannot have the tape removed – for anything – until they finish both bottles. Slow drinkers and those with small bladders may want to steer clear of this one.


3 Man

Dice on table

The drinking game 3 Man is played with two die. A player becomes the 3 man by rolling a combo of 3 and drinks every time it’s rolled. If a player rolls 7, the player to their left drinks; if 11, to their right; if 9, everybody drinks; if 3, the 3 man drinks; if doubles, give away that many drinks; and, if snake eyes, make a rule that anyone who breaks it has to drink. When the 3 man next rolls a 3, they must give the dubious honour to someone else.


Rule Suggestions

German naval officers drinking

With so many games allowing you to add rules, here are some suggestions: Leprechaun: Whenever you take a drink, you have to remove the little leprechaun sitting on the rim of your glass and return him when you finish; in number games, replace a number with a clap or pure silence; Swear-free: If anyone swears, they drink.

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