25 Best Drinking Games That’ll Get The Party Started

What party would be complete without a good ol’ drinking game? Most people know Beer Pong and Flip Cup, but here we’ve gone deeper and pulled out some games you’ve likely never heard of. Whether you’re at home or at the bar, these fun drinking games are sure to break the ice. Drink responsibly and enjoy these 25 drinking games that’ll get the party started.

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Four Kings

Guys playing drinking game

Four Kings is played with as many players as you have but it comes down to four main players. Deal one card from a standard deck to each person around the circle. Whoever gets the first King card picks an available liquor, the second picks the mixer, the third buys/makes the drink, and the fourth drinks it. It could easily happen you get more than one King (depending on how many people are playing), so choose wisely!


The Politician's Speech

Obama and McCain at press conference

With election season fast approaching, the Politician’s Speech is the perfect game to play while educating yourself on politics. Watch a political debate between candidates and pre-set rules you’ll have to follow when something happens. For instance, between Barack Obama and John McCain, you could have to take a drink every time Obama says change or a candidate interrupts the other and waterfall if (and until McCain finishes) talking about his war experience.


Sloshed Santa

Santa Claus

Best played around the holidays (but you can play modified versions throughout the year), TV Santa is played by placing a Santa hat on the top corner of a television. Every time an actor appears to be wearing the hat, take a drink. It’s that easy.


Cheers to the Captain

Groups of friends cheersing a drink

A bit more complicated of a drinking game but loads of fun, Cheers to the Captain is played with friends and drinks. The goal is to count to 21 – at which point everybody takes a drink and says “Cheers to the Captain!”. Whenever this happens, whoever said 21 makes up a new rule attached to a number. For example, you can switch numbers or have someone high-five another player instead of saying the number. The only set rules from the beginning are that 7 and 11 are switched, so the people around the circle would say: Person 5: Five. Person 6: Six. Person 7: Eleven. Person 8: Eight. etc.


Electricity Card Game

Card game

In Electricity Card Game, a player draws a card and flips it over in front of them. If the card is the same number or suit as the card on top of another player’s pile, they complete a circuit. The card owners drink their face value (or, for a less hardcore version, two seconds worth).

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