25 Best Cities For Young People To Live In

Young people can be dynamic, free-spirited, idealistic and carefree as well as goal-oriented, driven and practical. Some prefer to leave their hometowns to study in other cities or even other countries and perhaps move around again after obtaining a college degree. It normally depends on their financial capability or just their need to be independent and less restricted. Nevertheless, there are cities like these 25 best cities for young people to live in that are more accommodating to a young lifestyle.

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Rome, Italy

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One of the most culturally rich cities in the world, “Roma Capitale” is the capital city of Italy and is referred to as “The Eternal City”. Moreover, it’s the only city in the world which contains a whole state, the enclave of the Vatican City which is why it is also defined as the capital of two states. If you love all things ancient, mystifying, religious and artistic, then Rome is the best city for you.


Frankfurt, Germany

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It may only be the second-largest metropolitan region in Germany but it’s the financial and transport center in continental Europe. For those young people who love the hustle and bustle of an urban life, Frankfurt is a great option.


Cape Town, South Africa

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Not too crowded but not too empty Cape Town enjoys a lot of balance. It has some amazing beaches but within a couple kilometers it is also overlooked by several mountain peaks. With a diverse population and plenty of university students this city is a good place for any young person to spend a little time.


Geneva, Switzerland

12 Geneva, Switzerland_tnwww.privatejetcharterprices.com

Considered the “Peace Capital”, it is a global city, a financial center and; of course, a center for diplomacy. It is the most important and famous UN international co-operation center and has been the home to numerous international organizations such as the United Nations and the Red Cross. Another of one of the most expensive cities on this list, it also provides a high quality of life especially to expatriates.


Auckland, New Zealand

11 Auckland, New Zealand_tnhttp://images.businessweek.com/

If you opt to live in a city which is known for it’s equality despite the diverse cultures and nationalities, then check out Auckland. It ranks 3rd on the most equal place in the world list and 9th in the most livable place.

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