25 Behind The Scene Facts About Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into Darkness is a film directed by Jeffrey Jacob Abrams, better known as “J.J.”.  This is his second journey into the Star Trek universe following his first Star Trek movie simply entitled ‘Star Trek’.  There are quite a number of people who are split on how they feel about Into Darkness.  Some say that in certain ways, Into Darkness is lacking while there are others who say that the movie was done just right.  Whatever their respective reasons are , they can wait because you’re here to find out 25 behind the scenes facts about Star Trek Into Darkness.

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Sneaky sounds


Michael Giacchino, the composer for the movie, snuck in music coming from the TV show after one of the fans tweeted him if he could make use of a theme from one of the old series.


No more repetition

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JJ Abrams, who was getting sick of repeating the same things over and over, challenged the cast to say every one of the 50 ridiculous words on the vocabulary list he made for press day.


Future earth

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When it came to what the Earth would look like in the future, the set designers opted for a “natural” evolution in a city’s development. However, this natural evolution has produced an irresistible pallet of amazing architecture hinting at a more environmentally conscious society coupled with a stronger urban core.  Needless to say, the future earth is amazing.


That’s entertainment

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JJ Abrams brought in magicians and other performers to come on set in order to entertain both cast and crew.  Why can’t all jobs do this?


Ticket crash

ticket crashhttp://media2.firstshowing.net/

When advanced tickets went on sale in the United Kingdom, London’s IMAX site crashed because of the customer’s demands.

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