25 Bathroom and Grooming Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

In the past weeks, we have presented you with several useful hack lists such as these 25 Simple DIY Hacks To Help You Improve Your Home, these 25 Easy Hacks To Flawlessly Clean Things You Might Be Cleaning Wrong, and these 25 Fashion Hacks To Make You Look Fantastic Even On A Budget and today, we are here with yet another list of cool hacks that will make your life easier. This time around, we focused on one of the most overlooked but also most hackable places in the house – the bathroom. None of us want to spend more time than is necessary in the bathroom each morning, so knowing some cool bathroom and grooming hacks is sure to come in handy. Look your best easily and quickly with these 25 Bathroom and Grooming Hacks To Make Your Life Easier.

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Pop your pimples with tissues on your fingertips. That way, you will not scratch up your face with fingernails. It also prevents the bacteria from spreading.

Popping pimplesSource: reddit.com, image: Saluda Programa de Salud via Flickr

Use aloe instead of hair gel. It is healthier for your hair due to aloe's healing properties and richness in amino acids, iron, potassium, and calcium, and it will also add a natural shine to your perfectly styled mane.

hair gelSource: perezhilton.com, image: commons.wikimedia

Shave after you shower. Many gentlemen shave before showering, but in fact, it is much better to do that after showering as it is when your face’s bristles have been softened by steam and your skin’s follicles are open. This greatly reduces the risk of nicks and cuts.

man shavingSource: fashionbeans.com, image: commons.wikimedia

Sprinkle a few drops of essential oils (e.g. lavender or citrus) on the inside of your toilet paper roll. Every time you use it, you will freshen up your bathroom and mask any unpleasant odor.

toilet paper rollSource: uk.askmen.com, image: commons.wikimedia

Hair conditioner can serve as a great shaving cream for sensitive areas.

razorSource: buzzfeed.com, image: commons.wikimedia

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