25 Awesome Toys For Kids Of All Ages (Holiday Shopping Starts Here)

Posted by , Updated on September 13, 2022

Looking for creative gift ideas to kick off your holiday shopping? Generally, toys appeal to a specific demographic. You wouldn’t give your 10-year-old a toy intended for a toddler and vice versa. However, some toys transcend age and can appeal to pretty much anyone of any age. Parental supervision might be required, but the appeal will likely stay the same. From toys that can inspire creativity and the imagination to some that might get some extra energy out, you might be surprised the toys all ages will love. Curious to see what they are? Here are 25 Awesome Toys For Kids Of All Ages (Holiday Shopping Starts Here).


Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven

easy bake

Let’s be honest, Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven is a classic. Technically, it’s not for all ages. You wouldn’t want your toddler using this. But most kids and even adults get a kick out of it.



Scientific Explorer Ultimate Science Blast

ultimate science

Kids love science when it meets their mad-scientist needs. Plus, if you’re tired of your child making slime with Tide and glue, then this will be a great alternative. The Scientific Explorer Ultimate Science Blast will be fun for everyone, including you, as you attempt to recreate a volcano or make wiggle bugs.


Mr. Tambourine Kid's Wooden Instrument


An oldie but a goodie, the tambourine will instill a little music into your child and might even give you the music bug as well. Or, the incessant banging might drive you insane.


The LED Fireworks Grand Finale


What kid doesn’t love fireworks and lights? With The LED Fireworks Grand Finale, they can spread a variety of colors all over their room with 150 launch combinations.


Toysmith Hoppy Ball

hoppy ball

The Toysmith Hoppy Ball is a classic toy all kids will love for hours, leaving them bouncing away for joy.


Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set

Melissa and doug

All kids, young and old, can sit down and build an entire kingdom out of the Melissa & Doug Wooden Building Blocks Set. It’s a great way to bring the family together and requires creativity and working as a team.


3Doodler Pen


Watch in awe as you can construct 3D buildings and constructs with the magic of the 3Doodler. While younger kids would need parental supervision, it’s likely the whole family would love to sit and help create new and exciting projects.


WHAM-O SnowBall Blaster


Every winter, you and your kids can have a blast with the WHAM-O SnowBall Blaster. No more throwing snowballs! Just use the blaster to propel them far distances.


Ice Cream Truck Play Tent

ice cream truck

You’re never too old to have an imagination and play with the Ice Cream Truck Play Tent. Kids will have many magical hours serving ice cream to all their imaginary friends.


Kinetic Sand

kinetic sand

Kinetic Sand will supply endless fun for kids wanting to build sand castles and other imaginary worlds. Set it on the table and watch them go to town.


RC Rattlesnake

rc rattlesnake

Remote control cars are pretty cool but you’ll totally take your kids by surprise with the much cooler RC Rattlesnake. Though, you may want to prepare the moment they use it to scare their siblings.


Giant Bowling Game

giant bowling

Bowling becomes way more fun when it’s huge. Whether at a family BBQ or a normal Saturday afternoon, your kids will love to play with this Giant Bowling Game.


Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Verdie Chameleon Double-Sided Bean Bag Toss Game With 8 Bean Bags

bean bag toss

You can’t go wrong with a classic bean bag toss game. Kids will love to challenge each other to get the most points and parents will have just as much fun joining in on the action.


Teeter Popper

teeter popper

With suction cups on the bottom and plenty of ways to play with the Teeter Popper, kids of all ages will love to rock back and forth on this unique toy.


Wowwee Paper Jamz Pro Guitar Series

paper jamz

Every kid wants to be a rock star. Well, now they can get one step closer to their dreams with the Wowwee Paper Jamz Pro Guitar Series. It’s not just any electric guitar; it helps kids play along without much skill or training needed.


TRI-OPTICS VIDEO WATCH with 3 Camera Views

spy gear toy

Kids love to pretend like they’re secret agents or spies. With the TRI-OPTICS VIDEO WATCH, they can achieve their spy missions much easier and have a blast while doing it.


Blankie Tails Shark Blanket

shark blanket

Pretty sure kids of all ages want to snuggle up in a cozy blanket that looks like a shark is devouring them whole.


3D Kids Boxer Kick Boxing Bop Bag Toys

3d boxer

Kids of all ages love to wrestle and bop things once in a while. Why not get them a great toy for that distinct purpose? 3D Kids Boxer Kick Boxing Bop Bag Toys looks just like a boxer so kids can pretend to be in the ring with a cheering crowd.


Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark

flying shark toy

What’s better than a swimming shark? A flying one! Kids will go crazy over this awesome remote controlled flying shark.


The iPad Paintbrush

ipad paint brush

Let your kids explore their creativity with this wonderful iPad Paintbrush. They’ll love working on the iPad and you won’t have a mess later to clean up.


Lego Mindstorm


If there are two things kids love, its Legos and robots. Why not combine the two with Lego Mindstorm? While they’ll likely need supervision from an adult to construct the project, it’ll give them new skills and they’ll have fun in the process.


Fatboy Co9 XS Bean Bag


The Fatboy Co9 XS Bean Bag is the perfect giant stuffed animal companion for your kids. They can sleep on it, nap on it, read on it, and pretty much do anything they want. It’s a great toy for all ages.


Bright Lights BBOP

bright lights

Suit up and get ready to bash into each other with the Bright Lights BBOP. When the kids hit each other, more bright lights appear, making it even more fun.


Cozy Posy HugglePod Hang Out

cozy posy hugglepod

What’s better than a tent to play in? One that levitates off the ground! With the Cozy Posy HugglePod Hang Out, kids can spend countless hours hanging out.


Talking Chewbacca

talking chewbacca

Star Wars fans will totally love this talking Chewbacca toy. What’s not to like? Of course, he doesn’t really talk. He makes his signature growl which is how it should be. Pretty much everyone should have their own personal Chewbacca.

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