25 Awesome Relationship Hacks To Spark The Romance

Posted by , Updated on October 13, 2022

Being in a relationship can be one of the most challenging things you will ever do in your life. It is hard. It is harder than hard. There is no doubt about it! You will be pushed to limits that you never knew you had. All of your deepest fears, frustrations, insecurities, and worst behavior will come out. Don’t get us wrong though, relationships can also be one of the best things ever. You just have to understand that they are a learning process. If you are not willing to put in the time then you will stagnate, your relationship will crash, and likely it will leave you with a ton of emotional baggage. So take heed to these relationship hacks because you will need them (everybody does).

Remember, every relationship requires work and effort. However, if you get through successfully then you will almost certainly end up being a better person and having gained a lot of wisdom from life. And that is why were compiling this list. Today we are going to go through some of the best and most useful things you can do for your relationship. Get ready because these are 25 awesome relationship hacks to spark the romance!

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Ask yourself the critical question

Ask yourself the critical questionSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

Whenever things get tense, always ask yourself, “Would I rather be happy, or right?”. It will put some perspective into the situation.


Hold an appreciation shower

Hold an appreciation showerSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

At the end of particularly rough days, take 1 minute each to tell your partner what they did that you appreciate and why you are grateful for them. It’s a great way to end the day.


Have a date night

Have a date nightSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

At least one night a week should be reserved for just you and your significant other.


Don't spend the whole day together

Don't spend the whole day togetherSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

This doesn’t mean every day, but make sure to have some time apart. You need alone time and it will build excitement to see your partner again.


Adjust your honey-do requests

Adjust your honey-do requestsSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

When asking your partner if they’ve done something yet, don’t start with “Did you…”. Rather, try to start with “Have you had the chance to…?”. The first way can come across as being overly critical (note: this is actually a really useful life tip).


Use code words

Use code wordsSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Make up a silly phrase like “laughing elephant” for example. Then use this phrase whenever you get in an argument. Both partners should make a pact that as soon as somebody says that phrase during an argument, the argument is over and you will hug each other. (note: this should not be used just to shut the other person up)


Pick your arguments

Pick your argumentsSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

If you don’t care about something, don’t argue about it. It’s a waste of time and only creates unnecessary tension. You’d be surprised how many times you fight with people just to win, even though you’d be relatively fine with their preferences as well.


Fight while walking

Fight while walkingSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

If you do need to fight, hold hands and go for a walk. The argument will look a lot different than if you stayed at home and stared each other down.


Keep a notebook

Keep a notebookSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Have a secret journal where you write down the things he/she said that he/she likes or wanted to buy or even wanted to do. Jot down the date as well and then when you have time down the road, surprise your partner. It shows great care and attention to detail.


Do nice things

Do nice thingsSource: reddit, Image: Celestine Chua via Flickr

Psychology tells us that our brain creates moods that are consistent with our actions. If you show your partner affection even when you don’t want to, your brain will actually start to create affectionate emotions.



ClarifySource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

When one of you needs to unload, the other could ask “Do you simply need a listening ear, or do you need help problem fixing?” This can help to avoid a lot of misunderstandings.

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Be spontaneous

Be spontaneousSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Predictability kills attraction. Mix up your date nights and try to plan out something adventurous.



ListenSource: reddit, Image: Ky via Flickr

No relationship has ever ended because someone felt that their partner listened to them too much. Put away your phone and be present.



CookSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Preparing food for someone is a great way to spark some romance.


Buy dreams

Buy dreamsSource: reddit, Image: pexels

Rather than just buying trinkets or things, buy your partner something that will get them to do something they’ve always wanted (travel, sing, learn French, etc)


Keep a bucket list

Keep a bucket listSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

This is a great way to coordinate goals, achieve them, and stay on the same page.


Plan surprises

Plan surprisesSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

One simple way of doing this is to hide chocolates around the house. When your partner calls you because they are not feeling well, tell them to look behind the silverware tray. Of course, this is only a suggestion…the possibilities are endless.


Prepare gifts

Prepare giftsSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

On the topic of surprises, it’s good to have a stash of gifts ready to go at any moment.


Ask questions

Ask questionsSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

Careful here…don’t ask questions about things that have already been clarified. Things can backfire on you and show that you weren’t actually listening. So, listen carefully, and then ask. It will reinforce the fact that you care.


Take a walk

Take a walkSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Walks are great. You get some exercise, fresh air, and bonding time.


Take a shower

Take a showerSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

If you get angry, try taking a shower. It will calm you down and help you think rationally rather than emotionally.


Play 5-3-1

Play 5-3-1Source: reddit, Image: pixabay

When you can’t decide on something, make it a game. Person A chooses 5 options, person B eliminates 2 of them, and person A eliminates 2 more, leaving you with only one!


Talk positive first

Talk positive firstSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

Whenever you meet each other or come home from work, make it a rule that you will talk about positive things first, no matter how mundane they are.


Admit when you're wrong

Admit when you're wrongSource: reddit, Image: wikipedia

This one little act can drastically change the dynamic of a relationship.


Don't rub it in when you're right

Don't rub it in when you're rightSource: reddit, Image: pixabay

This is the flip side of the coin. Gloating when you’re right has the potential to do a lot of damage in the long run.

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