25 Awesome Practical Uses For Coca-Cola That Will Blow Your Mind

Coca Cola is one of the most recognized brands in the world with 96% of the world recognizing the Coca Cola logo. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that a lot of people like and drink Coke. But if you look at this delicious beverage ONLY as a beverage, then you are missing out on a whole onslaught of other things you can do with Coke. From getting gum off your hair to polishing chrome into a brilliant shine, these are 25 awesome practical uses for Coca-cola that will blow your mind.


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You can strip paint off of metal furniture by soaking a towel in Coke, laying it on the furniture and letting stand for a long while, then simply peel off


Create a delicious BBQ sauce. Mix a can of Coke with ketchup and brush over ribs or chicken.


Use Coke to distract bees and wasps away from your camp. Simply pour a little coke in a cup and set it out an hour before your picnic, away from your site. This will act as a bee/wasp magnet, keeping them away from your event.


For the artsy lot of you, use Coke to age documents and photos. Simply apply coke, pat with paper and leave it to dry.


Add it to vodka, rum, or bourbon. You simply can't get anymore practical than that.

Rum and Coke

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