25 Awesome Pop Culture Influences On Warcraft You Might Not Have Noticed Before

Warcraft is easily one of the most anticipated films of the year for a few reasons. To begin with, it is the first film directed by Duncan Jones (David Bowie’s son) in more than five years. His successful first films, Moon (2009) and Source Code (2011), pleasantly surprised movie fans and critics alike. More important, however, is that this is the first time World of Warcraft—arguably the most commercially successful online video game in history with more than 110 million players worldwide—has found its way to the big screen.

Along with the highly anticipated release of Assassin’s Creed (another video game adaptation that we will see for the first time on the big screen before the end of the year), Warcraft is the only remotely big-budget “original” at the moment, in the sense that it’s not a sequel, prequel, remake, or reboot of a film or project that has been seen again and again in theaters. As most avid players wait to see whether Warcraft will break the curse of the video game turned epically bad film, (Remember Super Mario Bros, Street Fighter, and Mortal Combat?) we have collected 25 Awesome Pop Culture Influences on World of Warcraft that will open the eyes of many gamers who probably haven’t noticed or paid little attention to until now.

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The island off the coast of Dustwallow Marsh is called Alcaz and even contains a huge gate-like prison. The influence from the world’s most famous prison, Alcatraz, can easily be spotted in this case.

AlcatrazSource: warcraft.com, imdb.com, Image: commons.wikimedia.org

There is a lumberjack in Elwynn Forest named Terry Palin. He takes his name from Terry Jones and Michael Palin, members of Monty Python, who were famous for “The Lumberjack Song.”

Monty PythonSource: warcraft.com, imdb.com, Image: YouTube

In the dungeon Uldaman, found in the Badlands, you can see three Vikings named Erik, Baelog, and Olaf. This is an obvious reference to the three Vikings in the 1992 video game The Lost Vikings.

The lost vikingsSource: warcraft.com, imdb.com, Image: YouTube

In the Alliance city of Theramore in Dustwallow Marsh, there is a fishmonger named “Dirty” Michael Crowe who works on the dock, which is a reference to Mike Rowe, the host of the Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs (2005).

Mike RoweSource: warcraft.com, imdb.com, Image: Wikipedia

If you look closely in the Badlands around the middle of the map, you might find a semi-hidden crypt. If you enter the crypt you will most likely see a decomposed guy sitting on a throne with a sword at his side, which is a clear reference to the first Conan film.

Conan The BarbarianSource: warcraft.com, imdb.com, Image: YouTube

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