25 Awesome Places To Celebrate The New Year

These days, people are usually busy getting Christmas presents for their friends and families, decorating their houses and preparing everything for the great holiday but just a few days after Christmas, there is another big event that deserves some planning and preparation as well. The New Year celebration is also a time that we want to spend with our loved ones and have fun. Today´s post can help you with the probably most important thing about the event – where to celebrate it. Wild and raucous, peaceful and quiet, active or relaxing – whatever you are in the mood for, everybody can find their spot among these 25 awesome places to celebrate the New Year.

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Berlin, Germany

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If you want your New Year celebration to be wild and noisy, Berlin is the place you are looking for. Every year, more than a million people join in the fun on the party avenue between the Victory Column and the Brandenburg Gate in what is generally considered one of the largest open-air New Year parties in the world. Spectacular laser shows, dancing parties featuring world´s top DJs and – of course – a gigantic mid-night fireworks that light up the city skyline – that’s what you will find in Berlin.


New York City, New York

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Similarly to Berlin, New Year celebration in NYC is also just for those who don’t mind crowds of party fellows, loud music and pompous shows. The place where people gather for the celebration is the legendary Times Square with over a million people crowding together there every New Year´s Eve. At midnight, a fantastic pyrotechnic light show begins, accompanied by the legendary ball drop and tons of paper confetti spread around the party goers.


Tokyo, Japan

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The Japanese mostly celebrate the New Year in the same way as the Westerners do with Christmas – at home. Therefore, many Tokyo residents leave the city to be with their families. But there are still a lot of people to join in the city center. The best place to enjoy the New Year´s Eve celebrations is probably the Shibuya crossing where masses of party fellows gather at midnight to watch the spectacular fireworks and release balloons in the annual countdown ceremony.


Zermatt, Switzerland

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Those who prefer active holiday rather than just drinking and partying can book a hotel or chalet in Zermatt – a renowned ski resort located in the Swiss Alps. At an altitude of 3,800 meters (almost 12,500 feet), it is one of the world’s highest and most popular ski areas. With dozens of slope-side restaurants, Zermatt is also a foodie paradise. After skiing your socks off and eating your heart out on the New Year´s Eve, you can go to the Church Square where you will enjoy an open air party, surrounded by the astonishing snow blanketed mountains.


Paris, France

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Couples in love as well as hundreds of thousands of tourists and party goers from all over the world – they all head to the French capital to celebrate the New Year. Hordes of people have fun in Paris making the rounds of bars, pubs and clubs while romantic New Year’s Eve boat cruises along the River Seine are offered to those who wish for a little privacy for their celebration. No matter who you spend the New Year´s Eve with, delicious local treats and gallons of Champagne are in every nook and cranny.

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