25 Awesome Photos Of High Speed Trains

Speed is power and there’s always a need for power and a need for speed. Almost everything from the air, land and sea that is fast exudes grace and beauty. Trains are no exception.  These engineering marvels exude a trail of awesomeness as they travel on designated rails through cities, forests, plains, mountains, etc.  But don’t take our word for it, check out these 25 awesome photos of high speed trains.

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AVE Series 100 (Spain)

AVE Series 100 (Spain)

CRH5 (China)

CRH5 (China)_tn

CRH-380A (China)


E5 Series Shinkansen (Japan)

E5 Series Shinkansen (Japan)_tn

E6 Super Komachi Shinkansen (Japan)

E6 Super Komachi Shinkansen (Japan)

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