25 Awesome People That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

There are people that will restore your faith in humanity. It’s easy to become cynical when the only things that seem to be broadcasted are bad news. It’s like the worst side of being human is on 24-hour exhibition. But the truth is, there are good people out there…a lot of good people. Today, we’re going to talk about a few of them. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it will hopefully allow you to see the world in a more positive light. Are you ready for some much-needed positivity? These are 25 Awesome People That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity.


Syria Photographer Saves Injured Boy

photo journalist saves childSource: cnn.com

Dar Yasin is not the only photojournalist to have saved the life of another while on duty. In 2015, a bomb hit a convoy of buses carrying evacuees from besieged Syrian villages. Photographer and activist Abd Alkader Habak was knocked out by the blast, but when he came to, what he saw horrified him. “The scene was horrible–especially seeing children wailing and dying in front of you,” Habak told CNN. Habak proceeded to rescue people by searching for survivors. He found the boy in the picture barely breathing and ran with him to the nearest ambulance. Unfortunately, 68 children died in the attack.


New York Woman Loses Life Savings of $5,020 and Gets It Back

Magda Castillo stands besides Mike Downer who recovered her moneySource: Huffingtonpost.com

What would you do if you found $5,020 in a discarded refrigerator? Would you return it? If your name is Magda Castillo, you’d hope somebody would. Magda lost her money when she stored it in an old refrigerator. When her husband decided to take the refrigerator to the recycling center, the money went with it. It wasn’t until later that Magda had realized what had happened. She went to the recycling place to see if someone had found the money, but at that moment, no one had. After she left, however, employee Mike Downer was able to locate the refrigerator and retrieve the money. Because Magda had left without giving contact information, the workers used social media to reach her. Eventually, Magda and all of her $5,020 were reunited.


Unemployed Teacher Finds $20,000 and Returns It to Bank

Unemployed school teacher Candace Scott finds money and returns it to bankSource: Huffintonpost.com; Chron.com

$5,000 dollars is a lot of money, but $20,000 is significantly more…four times more to be exact. Especially if you happen to be unemployed. This was the case for Candace Scott, an unemployed teacher who so happened to find a cash bag containing $20,000 on the side of the road. Instead of keeping the money, she returned the money to the bank (the bag had the bank logo on it). “I found something that didn’t belong to me,” Scott told KBTX. “And I wanted to return it to the person it belonged to.” For her good heart, Chase bank gave her a $500.00 gift card.


Police Officer Saves Woman's Life by Handcuffing Himself to Her

Police officer handcuffs himself to suicidal womanSource: Dailymail.co.uk

When a woman climbed to the top of a billboard sign in Beijing, China, police arrived to try and talk her down. One of the officers decided to handcuff himself to the woman in order to make sure that she did not jump. “She knew then that if she died, she’d take someone with her and that seemed to bring her back,” said one officer. The brave act saved the woman’s life, who was then brought back into the building via ropes.


Chief Master Sgt. Comforts Little Girl

Chief Master Sgt. John Gebhardt comforts little girl who lost most of her familySources: af.mil; snopes.com; georgianjournal.ge

This picture was taken in October 2006 and shows one of the most heartbreaking but tender of moments. The little girl in the picture lost both her parents and many of her siblings due to an attack by insurgents in Iraq. The insurgents shot the little girl in the head but she survived and was treated at the U.S. military hospital in Balad. During her healing process, the little girl would cry and moan. However, according to nurses, she seemed to respond exclusively to Chief Master Sgt. John Gebhardt (in the picture). So John spent several nights holding the little girl while they both slept in a chair. The little girl was eventually released to a surviving family member.

If you want to see even more examples of people who will restore your faith in humanity, check out this list.

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