25 Awesome Owl Facts You’ll Want To Know

It’s a bird…It’s a plane…no, actually it’s a bird. More specifically, the wisest bird of them all, THE OWL! Want to know more about these awesome predators? Here are 25 Awesome Owl Facts You’ll Want To Know!


There are 216 species of owls around the world.


Owls can be found in almost every continent except for Antarctica. The greatest population of owls can be found in Asia. Within the United States and Canada, there are only around 19 species.


Owls have tubular eyes.

owl eyeshttp://www.owlpages.com

Owl eyes are not circular like most animals; they have tubes that go all the way to the back of the skull, giving them great far sighted vision. They can spot prey from yards away. The only downside is their eyes cannot move at all, they have to turn their heads to see.


An owl has 3 eyelids.

owl facehttp://www.owlpages.com

Each eyelid has its own function; the first is for blinking, the second is for sleeping, and the third one is for keeping the eye clean and healthy.


Owls cannot turn their heads a full 360 degrees.

owl head turnedhttp://www.owlpages.com

The bones, blood vessels, and supporting vascular (vein) system have all adapted so that owls are able to turn their heads 135 degrees in whichever direction they need to.


Owls have flat faces.

owl flat facehttp://www.owlpages.com

A flat surface allows sound to be heard better, up to ten times better for owls. This allows them to hear things that even humans can’t hear!

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