25 Awesome Lifehacks To Solve Problems You Didn’t Know You Had

Posted by , Updated on November 12, 2021

Have you ever heard of a dog suffering from too much stress? Or a cat that can’t handle its daily routine? The answer is no. This is because only humans seem to live complicated lives. The main culprit for our hectic lives is our increasing sense of need. When you have more needs, you automatically add more actions needed to fulfill such needs thus adding more complexity to your life. Thanks to “life hacking” however, millions of people from around the world have managed to make their lives a little less complicated.  Life hacks are designed to help you save time and money and to make your life simpler and easier. So, any trick, shortcut, skill, or novel method that increases productivity and efficiency, in any and all walks of life, can be considered a life hack. Today we want to bring you 25 Awesome Lifehacks To Solve Problems You Didn’t Know You had. Keep dirty clothes smelling fresher while traveling, keep your iced coffee from getting watered down, reshape your jeans, unclog drains, and so much more. So if you are ready to make your life a little bit simpler and learn new ways to do things, check out today’s post: 25 Awesome Lifehacks to Solve Problems You Didn’t Know You Had.

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Placing a cutting board on a drawer makes extra counter space in small kitchens.


Deodorize trainers or canvas pumps when traveling by placing a fresh tea bag in them overnight. In the morning, they’ll smell wonderfully fresh.

Image: pixabay.com Image: pixabay.com

Use duct tape to open tough lids. How? Just stick a respectable amount on the lid and start pulling as hard as you can. It works.

23 en.wikipedia.orgImage: en.wikipedia.org

Next time you decide to change the color of your room and not your floor (if you know what we mean here), put a rubber band around an open paint can and use the rubber band to wipe your brush on it.

Image: mountpleasantgranary.netImage: mountpleasantgranary.net

For a genuine looking smile in your pictures, squint your eyes while taking it.

21 en.wikipedia.orgImage: en.wikipedia.org

If you’re a student and you need to save time, you can now proofread with your ears. Paste your essay into Google translate and you’ll "hear" any typos and other weird stuff.

20  en.wikipedia.orgImage: en.wikipedia.org

Wrap a large rubber band around the doorknobs on both sides of a door to soften a door that slams.

19 en.wikipedia.orgImage: en.wikipedia.org

Use an empty ketchup bottle for perfect pancake batter pouring.

Image: commons.wikimedia.orgImage: commons.wikimedia.org

Use a can opener to open those tough blister packs.

17 en.wikipedia.orgImage: en.wikipedia.org

Run your razor across a pair of old jeans to reshape and extend its life.

16 en.wikipedia.orgImage: en.wikipedia.org

Use a pillowcase from a sheet set to keep the sheets in one neat place.

15 en.wikipedia.orgImage: en.wikipedia.org

Freeze coffee in an ice tray and use these instead of water cubes the next time you want iced coffee. This will prevent your iced coffee from watering down.

Image: flickr.com, Photo by Jimmie Image: flickr.com, Photo by Jimmie

Use 99-cent solar yard lights to light up your stairs. This will make your place safer and it'll look great.

Image: commons.wikimedia.orgImage: commons.wikimedia.org

To boost your Wi-Fi signal wrap a sheet of cardboard in aluminum foil, bend it slightly, put it behind your router, and point it in the direction you need more signal.

12 en.wikipedia.orgImage: en.wikipedia.org

In case you’re sick and tired of the ads popping up while playing a game on your smartphone just put it in airplane mode and they will magically stop popping up.

Image: flickr.com, Photo by Sean MacEntee Image: flickr.com, Photo by Sean MacEntee

When traveling, keep a bar of scented soap in the same compartment as your dirty clothes. It will help keep the bad odors under control.

Image: flickr.com, Photo by Chris_Parfitt Image: flickr.com, Photo by Chris_Parfitt

Cut pot holders in half and jam your feet in the holes for cheap slippers.

9 en.wikipedia.orgImage: en.wikipedia.org

If you want to unclog drains without expensive chemicals then pour half a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar into the drain. Once it stops foaming, rinse the sink down and your drain will be clear.

Image: flickr.com, Photo by jessica mullenImage: flickr.com, Photo by jessica mullen

Next time you iron your button-down shirt remember to flip it inside out so you can easily iron over the button side.

7 en.wikipedia.orgImage: en.wikipedia.org

If you’re losing air in your tire, but can’t find the hole just fill the tire, take the tire off, and wet it with dish soap and water. Bubbles will develop wherever there is a leak.

Tire_treadImage: en.wikipedia.org

Mount towel racks on the inside of the cabinets and store all your lids there, this will help you save precious space in your tiny kitchen.

pan_with_displaced_lid_smpl_high_resImage: inpama.com

To avoid crying over onions, peel and chop the ends off. Soak in cold water for thirty seconds. You’ll dice without tears.

Image: en.wikipedia.orgImage: en.wikipedia.org

If you’re a heavy sleeper and usually snore past your alarm, put your smartphone in a cup or glass. The noise might wake up the whole building.

Image: pixabay.comImage: pixabay.com

Crème de menthe is a sweet, mint-flavored alcoholic beverage that actually freshens your breath. So does Listerine, but it burns.

Image: commons.wikimedia.orgImage: commons.wikimedia.org

If you’re one of those people who love eating boiled eggs but have a hard time peeling them, just add a teaspoon of baking soda next time you boil the eggs and the shell will come right off.

Image: en.wikipedia.orgImage: en.wikipedia.org

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