25 Awesome Features Of The Nokia Lumia 928 (First Impressions #VZWBuzz)

Everyone that I know either raves about their iPhone or their Android device. But rarely do I see people talking about a Windows phone. Almost a month ago, I got an opportunity to try out the new Verizon Nokia Lumia 928 phone through a Lifestyle Blogger Network that I am part of. After extensively using this phone over the course of a month, I’m truly impressed. So without further delay, here are the 25 awesome features of Nokia Lumia 928.


It has an 8.7 PureView camera which sports Carl Zeiss optics plus Optical Image Stabilization.


I took this cool picture while I was on my trip to Washington D.C. White House looks pretty good:


It captures excellent images even in low light conditions thanks to its Xenon flash.


I tested the low light conditions at the Lincoln Memorial during the night time. Aside from the flash, it also adds additional filters or something along that line which makes the image looks spectacular. At the image to the right, there was literally no light, it was pitch black.


It has a high-performance loudspeaker as well as a powerful digital amplifier that creates unmatched clarity and loudness.

During my road trip on the East coast, I rocked out using the phone’s speakers. I along with 6 other people in the van loved the Nokia Music.


It sports a sleek design that fits comfortably in your hand.

sleek designgsm-portal.ro


Highly-rated navigation apps are free to download.

navigation apphttp://apps400.com/

They use a service called Here Maps. This allowed me to download the maps for offline use.

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