25 Awesome Fantasy Universes in Literature

If there’s one great thing about reading, it’s awesome fantasy universes in literature. They fuel our imaginations, taking us to places we’ve never been before. There’s no other feeling like it. From worlds that are opposite of our own to those that are eerily similar but with a shadowy presence, fantasy universes give readers a thrill and temporary escape from reality.

With the power of imagination, audiences use the words to create their own magical images. This is why many are disappointed with their favorite book’s movie-makeover; it can never compete with their imagination. It’s never like you envisioned. From novels, to picture books, to children’s stories, here are 25 Awesome Fantasy Universes in Literature.



Fillory ContrastSource: http://levgrossman.com/magicians-trilogy/the-magicians-a-novel/

The enchanting land of Fillory from “The Magician” trilogy by Lev Grossman is often compared to that of Narnia. The main character loves this magical land because it was in the books he read as a child. He then grows up to learn that Fillory is a real place and he has the magic to get there! It’s every child’s dream and a true respite from the urban world the character knew too well.



Swing to Terabithia

The land of Terabithia is an imaginary kingdom ruled by friends who were simply playing in the woods, oblivious to the tragedies and cruelness of life. A land of imagination created by children and used for their own escape and to create a bond of friendship.


The Land of Oz

The Land of Oz

Each territory of Oz is marked distinctly by its own color and is overflowing with wealth. Witches, flying monkeys, mean sisters and weird ways to die are all a part of the realm that Dorothy was transported to. Many ordinary things that do the remarkable live in Oz. Of course, if you have only seen the movie, there is so much more to see of this wonder-filled place!


The Golden Compass Universe

Golden CompassSource: https://www.penguinrandomhouse.com/books/136447/the-golden-compass-his-dark-materials-by-philip-pullman/9780440238133/readers-guide/

The Golden Compass universe is only one of several that Philip Pullman reveals to his readers. It is home to humans like the 12-year Lyra, but also to witches, gyptians and giant polar bears. The children have spirit-creatures that depict their internal state. The fantasy deepens in subsequent books of the series!



jumanjiSource: http://www.houghtonmifflinbooks.com/features/thepolarexpress/tg/jumanji.shtml

Originally released as a picture book, Jumanji leads your imagination with its black and white illustrations. Your quickly drawn in to the home of Judy and Peter, but the stark drawings leave out enough detail to allow your mind to paint wildly in the gaps. The Jumanji game unleashes several mischievous jungle inhabitants into our world and the adventure begins!

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