25 Awesome Board Games That You Should Actually Play!

In recent years, board games have made a comeback. This might be for several reasons. Perhaps people are craving more of an interactive gaming experience. Also, there is something unique about being able to touch and feel the pieces of the game we are playing.

What is worth noting about the new generation of games is how they balance complexity with playability. We believe many popular modern-day games might eventually turn into classics.

Here is a list of board games – old and new, quirky and normal – that you should actually play!

Note: For this list, we have listed a game’s manufacturer as the company most identified with the product. Also, many of the older games are still in production today. As so many were produced (sometimes in the millions), there is a good chance you can get it off eBay for a reasonable price.

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6. Blood Bowl by Games Workshop


Year Introduced: 1986

Players: 2

Average Playing Time: Under 2 hours

Blood Bowl is a fantasy American football board game and is not a game for the faint-hearted! It features teams made up of mythical races like elves, dwarves, and orcs, as well as the undead and humans.

The teams battle it out violently in order to try and score goals against each other. The game has been updated several times over the years, with minor tweaks and add-ons. It is an exciting, brutal, and attractive-looking game, but is not suitable for young children.


7. Mouse Trap by Ideal


Year Introduced: 1963

Players: 2 to 4

Average Playing Time: 30 minutes

Only if you see it in person do you really appreciate how utterly mad this game truly is! All players go around the board as mice, working together to build an eighty-piece giant mousetrap. You then try to avoid being captured by it.

The whole game is totally crazy. It is hilarious that, once built, the mousetrap itself is highly temperamental as it often malfunctions when it is set off, due to its many tricky and awkward parts.

A lot of the fun of it is trying to work out where you went wrong in assembling your complex and highly eccentric mouse trap!


8. Blokus by Sekkoïa


Year Introduced: 2000

Players: 2 to 4

Average Playing Time: 20 to 30 minutes

Blokus can be learned quickly, as it is quite simple! It is also thought-provoking and considered educational. In fact, this game won the Mensa Select and Teacher’s Choice Awards.

Each player is assigned a color and gets twenty-one Tetris-style shapes in that color. The object of the game is to get rid of as many pieces as possible until you cannot go anymore. One catch is that each time you lay down a shape, it must touch at least one other of the same color, but only at the corner. This makes the game much more tricky and at times delightfully frustrating!


9. Catan by various companies


Year Introduced: 1995

Players: 2 to 4

Average Playing Time: 1 to 2 hours

This hugely popular game from Germany has sold well over 20 million copies. Players set up competing colonies on an island, on a game board comprising of hexes (6 sides) locked together.

It is very much a game about skill and strategy, rather than luck. So why not simply play one of the countless similar games that are online? Well, the game is a quality product that is beautifully designed and a joy to play.

There are a number of expansion kits and special editions, so there is plenty to keep you coming back and playing this game again and again.


10. Twister by Winning Moves


Year Introduced: 1966

Players: 2 to 4

Average Playing Time: 15 minutes

In 2015, this wacky and fun game was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame. It has probably the largest game board (67 inches by 55 inches) of any standard board game, as well as the largest playing pieces too (you and your friends!).

This is a game requiring great physical skill and flexibility. A large plastic mat is laid on the floor and has six rows of large different colored circles on it, consisting of red, blue, green, and yellow. Then a referee will use a spinner board to tell each player which color circle to put their arm or leg on, and whether its the left or right one.

This continues while players get eliminated if their elbow touches the ground or they fall over. The last person remaining on the mat is the winner. People will end up in the oddest positions in order to try and stay in the game.

Note: This fun-packed game has been included on this list as most toy shops and online retailers place it in the board game category.

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