25 Awesome Animals You Won’t Believe Exist

These are not your normal everyday animals. No, these awesome animals range from the most bizarre looking, to the most extremely sized. Take the silkie for example, this bird looks like a cross breed between a puddle and a chicken. And what about the glass octopus, you can literally see right through it! Oh and let’s not forget about the Fairyfly, the tiniest wasp ever. So if you’re ready to see some awesome animals you’ve probably never knew existed, then we invite you to check out these 25 awesome animals you won’t believe exist.

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Sea Salp


The sea salp is a barrel-shaped, plantokic tunicate that moves by pumping water through its gelatinous body and are known for their bizarre and complicated lifecycle.


Pinochio Frog


Discovered in the Foja mountains of Paua , Indonesia during a 2008 expedition by Conservation International and National Geograhic Society; the Pinochio frog is named after is elongated nose.


Smallest Vertebrate

peasized-frogwww.popularmechanics.com/Conservation International

Talking about frogs, the smallest known vertebrate in the world was discovered in Papua New Guinea in August of 2009 by Louisiana State University herpetologist Christopher Austin and his PhD student Eric Rittmeyer. The frog only measures about 7.7mm (0.30 in) in length and are able to jump thirty times their body length.


ET Salamander

Ugly-SalamanderJessica Deichmann / Conservation International

This poor little guy has been dubbed as the “ET” or “Ugly” salamander by the media due to his appearance. Not much is known about this new species yet, except that it’s lungless (breathes through its skin) and climbs vegetation (something normal salamanders usually don’t do).


Snakehead Fish


Known for its insatiable appetite, this monstrous looking fish not only hunts in lakes and ponds, but can also slither onto dry land. Able to stay out of the water for up to three days, the snake fish can also eat small terrestrial animals.

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