25 Astonishing Winter Photos From Around The World

With the heavy snowstorms and freezing temperatures that have been scourging most of the American states recently, it might be very difficult to find any pleasure in the winter period. The traffic collapses, people cannot get to where they need in time and it is very cold. But sometimes, winter can create very peaceful and relaxing sceneries that can be unearthly beautiful. From a lovable Japanese mountain village to frozen waterfalls in Croatia, enjoy these 25 winter photos from around the world that will show you that even winter can be an amazing season.


In London, snowstorms are not very common but if it does snow in the British metropolis, it gives the city this peaceful look.

www.studentflights.com.au London-Winterwww.studentflights.com.au

Some of the world´s most beautiful winter panoramas can be found in the Rocky Mountain. This one can be enjoyed by visitors of the Flatirons, a rock formation in Colorado.

thecatchandthehatch.com Flatirons-winter-stormthecatchandthehatch.com


Northern part of Russia is famous for the extremely cold weather and loads of snow, which have claimed many lives. However, it's the same weather that creates these incredibly beautiful sceneries there.

25 Astonishing Winter Photos From Around The Worldrussiatrek.org

In the Yakutia region, for example, the temperature can get as low as about -65°C (-85°F). Ice and snow take control over everything there.

www.pinterest.com 5defc0232828035ee1f8d7b1be15c6abwww.pinterest.com


Some people can obviously enjoy more than just the visual delight that winter countryside offers. In Kangasala, western Finland, there is a tradition of polar bear swimming.

www.lovethesepics.com Polar-Bear-Swim-in-Kangasala-Western-Finlandwww.lovethesepics.com

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