25 Astonishing Winter Photos From Around The World

With the heavy snowstorms and freezing temperatures that have been scourging most of the American states recently, it might be very difficult to find any pleasure in the winter period. The traffic collapses, people cannot get to where they need in time and it is very cold. But sometimes, winter can create very peaceful and relaxing sceneries that can be unearthly beautiful. From a lovable Japanese mountain village to frozen waterfalls in Croatia, enjoy these 25 winter photos from around the world that will show you that even winter can be an amazing season.

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It's in nature, far from all the city hustle and bustle, where winter creates the most spectacular art pieces such as this mountain creek still life in Norway.

www.howtobeaheroine.com akerselva-oslo-winterwww.howtobeaheroine.com

This is how winter usually looks like in the picturesque mountain village of Gokayama in Toyama Prefecture, Japan.

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Snow and traditional wooden cottages create uniquely harmonious combinations. This romantic chalet can be found in the Swiss Alps.

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Located in the Moravian-Silesian Beskids Mountains, Czech Republic, these traditional wooden buildings were used by local hermits. In winter, it's a popular tourist spot.

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But winter can be magnificent in a city too. For a romantic walk through this snowy park, you have to visit Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

chawedrosin.wordpress.com helsinki-snowchawedrosin.wordpress.com

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