25 Animals With The Most Bizarre Defense Mechanisms You’ve Ever Seen

There is no end to the amount of crazy and bizarre things you can find in the animal kingdom. Today, we’re taking a look at animals’ defense mechanisms, and not surprising, we have found some pretty bizarre (and sometimes downright nasty) stuff. From animals that will projectile-vomit on your face to creatures that will literally knock you out with their stench, these are 25 animals with the most bizarre defense mechanisms you’ve ever seen.

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The Cuttlefish


The cuttlefish has amazing camouflaging skills. These creatures have the ability to rapidly change their skin color enabling them to blend almost seamlessly in just about any environment. They can even change the shape of their entire bodies to match the texture of their environment.


The Texas Horned Lizard


The Texas Horned Lizard has one of the bloodiest self-defense mechanisms in the animal kingdom…literally. When threatened, the lizard pressures its sinus cavities until the blood vessels in its eyes burst, shooting its attacker with a steady stream of blood from its eyes!


Motyxia sequoiae


During the day this species of millipedes resemble any other type of millipede, but at night, when threatened, these guys become bioluminescent in an attempt to warn predators to stay away. However, if that doesn’t work the millipedes oozes toxic cyanide and foul-tasting chemicals from small pores running along the sides of their bodies.




An animal that squirts foul smelling anal juice at its predators definitely deserves to be on this list. The Skunk has two glands which produce a mixture of sulfur-containing chemicals with a high offensive odor. The scent is strong enough to ward of bears and can even cause temporary blindness.


Eurasian roller birds


The offsprings of these colorful birds vomit a nasty smelling orange liquid as a defense mechanism when threatened.

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