25 Animals With Insane Survival Adaptations

You’re about to see animals that have developed some of the most insane survival adaptations. These could very well be the coolest animals in the world! From squirting blood out of their eyes to stabbing their ribs through their owns chests these are 25 animals with insane survival adaptations.

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Self destruction

strange animal adaptations

A certain species of French Guinea termite accumulates toxins in a gland on its back over the course of its life. Eventually, should the colony come under attack, the older termites that are stuffed with toxins will blow themselves up near the attackers.


Slime attack

strange animal adaptations

Hagfish are eel shaped marine animals that release a gooey slimy substance whenever they come under attack. Many times the substance gets into the gills of the predator and chokes them to death.


Throwing your organs

strange animal adaptations

Sea cucumbers don’t do much besides sit on the ocean floor, but should you try to eat one you might get a mouth full…of its organs. Apparently their insides are toxic and foul tasting so whenever they are attacked they simply expel them onto the predator.


Playing dead

strange animal adaptations

Everyone knows opposums play dead but did you know that the act is completely involuntary and only brought on by intense fear? While unconscious they also release a foul smelling odor that adds to the effect.


Walking on water

strange animal adaptations

Sure, there are bugs that walk on water, but those things are small. The basilisk lizard, however, is as big as a small dog and it can run along the surface of the water for up to 20m before sinking.

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