25 Animal Beards That Outshine The Biggest Hipster

Though the hipster trend is, for better or worse, in full-swing among us humans, quite a few animals have caught onto the trend and have started growing out their own facial hair. And most of these animal beards are just as cool as the ones a Brooklynite or Portlander would wear. Some of the animals on this list even have beards so similar to the ones we sport today that it makes us wonder – who wore it first?

Beards are pretty non-discriminate in the animal kingdom, present on all species of creatures from birds to monkeys to camels to fish. Some animals have thick sideburns (mutton chops); some have curly mustaches; and some have remarkably shaggy beards that makes it look like they haven’t shaved since 2002 (just like some hipsters we know). Some beards are made up of thick, coarse hair while others look like they’ve just had a professional conditioning treatment to prepare for the next GQ (or AQ) photoshoot. From the fuzzy-faced Bactrain camel to the whiskered walrus, a goateed ibex to a bristly bird, see if you have any friends who look like the animals on this list of 25 Animal Beards That Outshine Even the Biggest Hipster.

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Japanese Serow

Japanese_Serow_Wakinosowa_JapanImage: Wikipedia

A national symbol in Japan, the Japanese serow is a goat-antelope with incredibly bushy fur. Though it looks to have a mini-Charles Darwin beard, the Japanese serow actually has no mane and the hair is from its body.



walrus whiskersImage: gattou via Flickr

Not the prettiest animal in the world, the walrus nonetheless has pretty thick whiskers, mystically known as mystacial vibrissae. Connected to blood and nerves, the walrus’ whiskers are highly sensitive and pretty long at up to a foot (30 cm).


Bornean Bearded Pig

Bornean_Bearded_PigImage: Wikimedia

The Bornean bearded pig is a wild animal roaming through Indonesia and Malaysia with its furry chin. Due to their fuzzy faces, Bornean bearded pig’s are popular at zoos around the world.



muskoxImage: tm-tm via Flickr

Living mostly in Arctic regions, the muskox has to have a prolific beard to keep warm. Its top layer of long, coarse hair is so long it nearly reaches the ground. This beast also has a distinctive tuft of hair between its eyes and nose that acts as a secondary trendy mustache.



Tragelaphus_angasii_-_Disney's_Animal_Kingdom_Lodge,_Orlando,_Florida,_USA_-_20100119Image: Wikipedia

One of the most beautiful animals on the savanna, the nyala is an antelope with a thick neck-beard that looks like it has given up on shaving entirely.

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