25 Animal Beards That Outshine The Biggest Hipster

Though the hipster trend is, for better or worse, in full-swing among us humans, quite a few animals have caught onto the trend and have started growing out their own facial hair. And most of these animal beards are just as cool as the ones a Brooklynite or Portlander would wear. Some of the animals on this list even have beards so similar to the ones we sport today that it makes us wonder – who wore it first?

Beards are pretty non-discriminate in the animal kingdom, present on all species of creatures from birds to monkeys to camels to fish. Some animals have thick sideburns (mutton chops); some have curly mustaches; and some have remarkably shaggy beards that makes it look like they haven’t shaved since 2002 (just like some hipsters we know). Some beards are made up of thick, coarse hair while others look like they’ve just had a professional conditioning treatment to prepare for the next GQ (or AQ) photoshoot. From the fuzzy-faced Bactrain camel to the whiskered walrus, a goateed ibex to a bristly bird, see if you have any friends who look like the animals on this list of 25 Animal Beards That Outshine Even the Biggest Hipster.

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Bearded Saki

Bearded_saki_(Chiropotes_sp)Image: Wikipedia

The bearded saki has, proportionally, one of the largest beards in the animal kingdom. Its thick beard extends from its jaw down onto its chest. This hipster little New World monkey has a tail that’s surprisingly bushier than its impressive hipster beard.



Markhor_Schraubenziege_Capra_falconeri_Zoo_AugsburgImage: Wikimedia

The national animal of Pakistan, the markhor is a wild goat living across south central Asia. The corkscrew-horned animal takes beard growing to the extreme, growing it out on its chin, throat, and chest.



OrangutanImage: Wikimedia

Our notoriously shaggy primate relatives have some of the most varied beards in the animal kingdom. Growing out anything from a small goatee to a long, scraggly beard, orangutans could give any of the guys from Duck Dynasty a run for their money.


Bactrian Camel

bactrain camelImage: Wikipedia

Though the camel’s ancestors are believed to have evolved in North America, they are no longer found in the Americas. (That is, besides their relatives, #3.) One particularly hipster camel, the Bactrian camel, goes years without shaving its beard. Its mane and beard can grow up to 10 inches (25 cm) long.


Emperor Tamarin

Black-chinned_emperor_tamarinImage: Wikipedia

The emperor tamarin is a primate living in the southwest Amazon basin. Though it doesn’t live in a hipster city, it’s a trendsetter when it comes to having a cool beard.

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