25 American Cities Where You Don’t Need A Car

Everybody knows that America is the land of highways, freeways, roadways, byways, parkways, longways, shortways…ok we made up the last two. But you know, they might exist somewhere out there. Americans are known for using cars. And if they need to go farther than their car will take them, they use the plane. And that’s pretty much it. Once you get to your destination airport, you rent a car! Americans live their whole lives in cars! Ok, hold up. There is some truth to that. But there are plenty of places in Europe where people use cars more than public transport too. And besides, America is a pretty diverse land. It’s not all just cars and suburbs. The northeast is very similar to Europe. In fact, in some parts, owning a car is the exception and not the norm. There are high speed trains that run from Washington DC to Boston daily. And other places like the Midwest (Chicago), Cascadia (Seattle, Portland), and California (San Fransisco and LA) are actually covered with extensive public transport grids, its just that they don’t receive much publicity. To be honest, it is wholly possible to live in the US and never get behind the wheel of a car. These are 25 American cities where you don’t need a car.

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Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles, CaliforniaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Ok, hear us out. We know, it’s the epitomy of car culture, but depending on where you live in LA, you can actually make it work. Between car sharing, uber, metro, light rail, and busses, it is possible. Maybe not your preference, but it’s possible.


Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford, ConnecticutSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

While it’s not the first place you think of going without a car, between buses, walking, and biking, it is possible to make it work.


Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge, MassachusettsSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Thanks to being in the Boston metropolitan area, living here without a car is not a problem.


Arlington, Virginia

Arlington, VirginiaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Being so close to the nation’s capital, Arlington shares lively neighborhoods with great transport options. It’s an ideal place to live without a car.


Sacramento, California

Sacramento, CaliforniaSource: wikipedia, Image: wikipedia

Thanks to being highly bikeable and walkable, along with decent light rail and bus systems, it is definitely possible to live in Sacramento without a car.

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