25 Amazingly Unique Walks Around The World

Are you an adventure traveler and enjoy walking? These are some of the best walks in the world and will not only feed your need to explore, but they will also expose you to history, culture, and nature. Strap on your hiking or walking shoes; from the best long distance hiking trails to unique local treks, here are 25 Amazingly Unique Walks Around The World!


Margaret Island, Hungary

margaret island

Margaret Island offers a restful and pleasant hideaway from hectic downtown Budapest with vast areas of greenery, flowery gardens, and lots of entertainment. The island offers a range of stunning attractions including medieval ruins, a small zoo, a musical fountain, a water tower, swimming pools, a water park, an open-air theater and cinema, and great clubs.


Pays Dogon, Mali

pays dogon mali

“The land of the Dogon people,” as it is also known, has the reputation of being one of Africa’s finest regions. According to the local tour guides, a proper trek there can last anywhere from two to ten days, and it takes in the soaring cliffs of the Bandiagara escarpment inlaid with old abandoned cliff dwellings. Dogon villages dot the cliffs and are the astonishing highlight of the journey.


Bryce Canyon, USA

bryce canon

The locals claim that there’s no place in the world like Bryce Canyon, and once you see the breathtaking views there, you’ll definitely agree with them. They also say that words or even photographs fail to describe the uniqueness of Bryce Canyon and only by visiting it can you sense its rare magnitude. So, what are you waiting for?


Meteora, Greece


Meteora was originally settled by Greek Orthodox monks who lived in caves during the eleventh century. It is considered a remarkable achievement of human creativity, and by taking a walk there, you’ll find yourself admiring the striking dichotomy of imposing and intimidating cliffs and the triumphant construction of human architecture.


Mount Sinai, Egypt

mt sinai

Mount Sinai is an extremely significant and sacred place and according to Judeo-Christian tradition, it is the place where God gave Moses the Ten Commandments. If you’re not a religious person, Mount Sinai offers an amazingly distinctive walk where you will see one of the bluest skies ever in your life. The sand-colored mountains also make an incredible background for some fantastic photos.

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