25 Amazingly Creative Uses For WD-40

Posted by , Updated on February 5, 2024

Invented in 1953 in San Diego, California, WD-40 is a very popular penetrating oil and water-displacing spray. Owned and used by about 80% of American households, this iconic handyman’s helper is most commonly applied to squeaky hinges, but people have come up with hundreds (some sources even say 2,000) different, creative uses for WD-40. We would really love to show you all of them, but for obvious reasons, we’ve picked just 25 of them. Find out some of the most amazing and surprising ways this legendary lubricant can make your life easier with these 25 Amazingly Creative Uses For WD-40.


Have any silver items? Protect them from tarnishing by wiping them with a rag containing WD-40.

silverwareSource: buzzfeed.com

Prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging by applying WD-40 on it.

bathroom mirrorSource: reddit.com

WD-40 can remove crayon scrawl from walls, table surfaces, and even TV screens. Just spray it onto a sponge and wipe the crayon off.

crayonsSource: lifehacker.co.uk

To drive moisture from fishing lures, hooks and tackles, apply HD-40 on them.

fishing hooksSource: wd40.com

If your plastic garden furniture is stained and worn out, a good scrub with WD-40 will give it its old shine back immediately.

plastic garden furnitureSource: ba-bamail.com

To keep squirrels from taking over your bird feeder, spray a generous amount of WD-40 on top of it.

squirrel on bird feederSource: buzzfeed.com

WD-40 spray can be also used to remove a chewing gum from most surfaces...including human hair.

chewing gum on groundSource: tipking.co.uk

Just a little dab of WD-40 will help you loosen a ring stuck on your finger.

ring on fingerSource: tipmom.com

To get glue off your fingers, spray a little bit of WD-40 on it.

super glueSource: techeblog.com

Spraying WD-40 on trees will keep them safe from beavers and other animals that like to chew on them.

tree damaged by beaverSource: gizmodo.co.uk

To remove lipstick stains from clothes, apply WD-40 on them and wash. It actually works even when the clothes have already been washed and dried.

lipstick Source: theinspirationroom.com

To keep your house safe from wasps, spray WD-40 in corners, roof gutters, and other places where the pesky insects are likely to build their nests.

wasp nestSource: hunker.com

If you have plastic plants in your office and want to make them shiny again, spray WD-40 on them.

plastic plantSource: lifehacker.co.uk

Spraying a generous amount of WD-40 on your shoes will make them water-resistant.

leather shoesSource: ba-bamail.com

You can use WD-40 to make objects look shinier before taking photos of them. The new surface shine will significantly improve the look of your products.

woman taking photoSource: lifehacker.co.uk

WD-40 can be used to clean and polish your outside barbecue grill. Just be sure to burn it off before using.

barbeque grillSource: buzzfeed.com

Spraying a thin layer of WD-40 on the blade of your snow shovel will make removing snow easier.

snow shovelSource: techeblog.com

WD-40 can be used to clean and lubricate guitar strings. Applying it to your guitar’s strings will increase their performance and life.

guitar stringsSource: moneycrashers.com

To prevent water stains from building up on your glass shower door, apply WD-40 on it, let it soak in, and then wipe up the excess.

bathroomSource: organizationjunkie.com

Spraying a light coating of WD-40 on your AC filter before installing will make the filter much more effective.

air conditioningSource: moneycrashers.com

WD-40 is perfect for removing scratches from ceramic and marble floors.

marble floorSource: buzzfeed.com

WD-40 is a great slug and snail repellent. Spray the outside of your garden pots with WD-40, and it will keep the crawlers away.

slugSource: lifehacker.co.uk

To remove candle wax from carpet, spray a bit of WD-40 onto the wax and leave it to dry. Then, you can rub it out easily with a sponge.

candle Source: gizmodo.co.uk

Loosen glassware, ceramic pots, and other similar things that are stuck together without breaking them by spraying WD-40 on them. Then, you can easily pull them apart.

ceramic potsSource: tipmom.com

Finally, stubborn zippers can be easily loosened and unzipped with a bit of WD-40.

zipperSource: techeblog.com

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