25 Amazing Sushi Designs Too Cool To Eat

Posted by , Updated on December 18, 2023

Sushi, the Japanese staple food, has been around for hundreds of years. Consisting of cooked vinegared rice combined with other ingredients such as seafood, vegetables and sometimes even tropical fruits, sushi is low in cholesterol and high vitamins. Originally, the fermented fish was taken out of the rice and only the fish was consumed while the fermented rice was discarded. The contemporary version of sushi originated in the early 19th century but since then, it has been constantly further improved and refined until it gets the form we know from sushi restaurants that have spread all over the world. Today, wide range of sushi arises from different fillings, toppings, condiments, and preparation. For some sushi makers, however, this food has also become a way to express their artistic abilities and skills. Therefore, you can come across astonishing sushi designs that can be just too cute or elaborated to consume. From a sushi iPhone to sushi Obama, check out these 25 incredibly creative sushi pieces.


If you like Angry Birds, you have to try this “angry sushi”.

andletsgoto.blogspot.com Phuket-061andletsgoto.blogspot.com

Minion fans can also find their version of this Japanese delicacy.

www.boredpanda.com sushi-art-bento-cute-34__700www.boredpanda.com

Giving these cute sushi designs to kids might be a good way to make them eat healthy.

miss-ya-kiddo.tumblr.com tumblr_lpbyoqicWw1qadiq8miss-ya-kiddo.tumblr.com

Thanks to its typical black and white pattern, panda bears are popular subjects for sushi artists.

www.pandajax.com SushiPanda_450x350www.pandajax.com

For example, Sushi pandas eating…

cookcooklittlepot.wordpress.com picsay-1379661906943cookcooklittlepot.wordpress.com

… and sushi pandas about to be eaten.

thingsideembloggable.blogspot.com P9112247thingsideembloggable.blogspot.com

Art lovers will certainly recognize the Edvard Munch´s masterpiece “The Scream” in this sushi.

www.dailymail.co.uk article-2423342-1BDF0237000005DC-876_634x305dailymail.co.uk

Presidents often have their stuff customized and sushi is no exception.

blog.epromos.com obama-sushiblog.epromos.com

Not sure what part of the globe it should represent but this sushi map is something every traveler has to try.

www.tumblr.com tumblr_n2fk8eLUyd1shwgjgo1_500www.tumblr.com

Hello Kitty comes from Japan so it is no wonder it's also a popular sushi theme.

www.thatsnerdalicious.com hello-kitty-sushi-e1312455778273www.thatsnerdalicious.com

Similar to Pokémon characters.

swysweden.org sushiswysweden.org

Yep, even IT geeks can now enjoy their sushi.

fwallpapers.com japanese-windows-xp-sushifwallpapers.com

Check out this sushi iPhone!

www.blogdot.tv Tama-chan-makizushi-art-17www.blogdot.tv

If you missed the Halloween sushi this Halloween…

rikasgarden.blogspot.com Halloween Temari sushi zuccarikasgarden.blogspot.com

…make sure to get some Santa sushi for Christmas.

www.pinterest.com 92fc6652ccd9378fc2f129c2d8af65a2www.pinterest.com

Speaking of special occasion sushi, this might be the perfect St. Valentine present for her/him.

meatables.wordpress.com heart2meatables.wordpress.com

Only a heartless person could eat these poor little penguins. (I guess we have no hear, because they look delicious)

www.aliexpress.com 930103046_226www.aliexpress.com

The most elaborated pieces can take the itamaes (sushi chefs) hours of hard work.

www.foodlve.com how-to-cook-a-amazing-dragon-sushi-roll-62941436294143www.foodlve.com

Slightly obscene sushi designs for ladies are also available.


A piece from the Hannibal Lecter limited sushi series.

www.endalldisease.com maki-sushi-art-by-tama-chan_04www.endalldisease.com

Apart from the visual pleasure that some sushi offer, this delicacy is also beneficial for your health, containing many minerals, vitamins and proteins.

diply.com ac402bd9-ebf0-4314-ae72-4cf5621c261adiply.com

In these days, the winter-themed sushi is more than topical.

foodgawker.com 1622702foodgawker.com

If you are creative enough, you can make some impressive pieces with just four ingredients.

www.youtube.com maxresdefaultwww.youtube.com

Or you can surprise your guests with these original sushi sandwiches.

www.taste.com.au 20544_lwww.taste.com.au

We are sure they will LIKE it.

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