25 Amazing Photographic Depictions Of The Human Spirit

We humans are subject to many challenges as we go through life. There are natural calamities that can leave us in ruins and personal quests that are seemingly impossible to overcome. But through all of these, one thing is for sure: the human spirit will continue to thrive. Let this compilation refresh, revive and inspire you. We hope that this will help restore your faith in humanity and in yourself. Here are 25 amazing photographic depictions of the human spirit.

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Oscar Pistorius – Double Amputee Olympic Blade Runner

oscar pistoriuswww.brianlukeseaward.com

2012 London Paralympics

2012 London Paralympicswww.telegraph.co.uk

Australian woman stays with her horse


Egyptian Revolution – Christians Protecting Muslims

Egyptian Revolutionyourheartsontheleft.blogspot.com

Man Gives Barefoot Girl His Slippers


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