25 Amazing Near Death Experiences You’ll Want To Believe Are True

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We’ve all wondered what death feels like. Do you just fall asleep? Do you leave your body before your heart stops? While most people don’t come back to the land of the living, there are a select few that have skirted the edges, and these are their stories. So get ready for 25 Amazing Near Death Experiences You’ll Want To Believe Are True!


Mellen-Thomas Benedict

cancerSource: anac.org.uk

A successful Hollywood cameraman, in 1982 he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. It led him to have a near death experience in which he claims to have observed all of history in an instant. After returning back to his body, doctors were astounded to find that the cancer was gone. Benedict has since devoted his life to various political and social causes.


Colton Burpo

emergencySource: cnn.com

When Colton was 4 years old, his appendix burst and he needed emergency surgery. Afterwards, he told his parents he had been to heaven where he saw God, John the Baptist, and numerous family members that he had never met. His dad wrote a book called “Heaven Is For Real” in which he recounts Colton’s experience.


Berkley Carter Mills

universeSource: near-death.com

Berkley had drawn a lot of attention for becoming the youngest father in Virginia to win custody of a child in divorce proceedings. Not long after, however, he was crushed by a package of compressed cardboard at work. He had a near death experience that he describes as “leaving his body, zooming through the universe, and meeting God.” When he returned to his body, he refused medical treatment and instead decided to heal on his own.


Ian McCormack

jellyfishSource: cbn.com

Ian was stung by a box jellyfish while diving off the island of Mauritius. By the time help arrived, he had been clinically dead for nearly 20 minutes. He later described seeing an image of his mom kneeling and praying for him. After that, he was transported to a dark place where voices were screaming at him that he was in hell. Finally, he was transported upwards towards a bright light that he recognized as God. Since then, Ian has spoken about his ordeal on several shows.


Hung Hsiu-ch'uan

Taiping RebellionSource: dartmouth.edu

A Chinese peasant, Hung fell into a delirium for forty days and nearly wasted away. When he awoke, he became convinced that he was the younger brother of Jesus Christ and that his mission was to overthrow the present rulers of China. He eventually gathered a large following and started a civil war. To this day, it is one of the bloodiest uprisings in history (Taiping Rebellion).


Ben Breedlove

Ben BreedloveSource: cnn.com

Ben was a youtuber in Austin, Texas who suffered from a heart condition. He began posting flashcard videos detailing his numerous near death experiences ever since childhood. In one of his videos, he mentioned his favorite rapper, Kid Cudi, who eventually saw the video. Kid Cudi said he broke down when he saw it because life was so unfair. Shortly thereafter, Ben died of a heart attack.



soldiersSource: history.com

According to Plato, Er was a soldier who had fallen in battle. When help arrived after 10 days, the other soldiers’ bodies had already started decaying. Er, however, seemed relatively normal. When he was taken home and placed on the funeral pyre, he awoke and began teaching people about what he had learned on the “other side.”


Steven B. Ridenhour

drugsSource: near-death.com

Steven had a near death experience when he was a teenager in Virginia. Along with his friend, he almost drowned in a local river. For the next several years, he tried drug after drug in order to recapture the euphoric experience. He eventually realized that he had been heading down the wrong path and decided to study nursing in order to give back to society.


Alice Morrison-Mays

violinSource: near-death.com

Alice almost died at a hospital in New Orleans shortly after giving birth in 1952. Several years later, she had another near death experience that led her to make major changes in her life. Although she was now wheelchair bound, she took up music and became an inspiration to other handicapped people.


Dr. Mary Neal

kayakSource: drmaryneal.com

When her kayak flipped, Dr. Neal was trapped underneath. She had a near death drowning experience where she claims to have seen God, Jesus, and the angels. In her book, “To Heaven And Back,” she describes how God told her that her 9 year old son Willie would die and her family would need her. Dr. Neal was eventually revived by rescuers. 10 years later, her son was killed by a driver who was texting behind the wheel.


If you think this story is strange, wait until you see number 6!


Arthur E. Yensen

roadSource: near-death.com

A relatively well known public speaker back in the day, Arthur had a car accident in the 1930’s while he was hitchhiking across the United States. He claimed to have seen heaven and later wrote a book about it. After having rebelled against his religious upbringing, he had become atheist. Following his accident, however, he became somewhat of a mystic.


Jennine Wolff

cross on hillSource: thoughtco.com

Jennine was taken to a hospital near Troy, New York because of complications that arose from endometriosis. During one of the operations, she had a near death experience where she floated out of her body and into the most beautiful garden she had ever seen. On a hill she saw Jesus who told her that it was up to her whether or not she wanted to go back or stay. She decided to return to her body in what she describes as being born again.


Sandra H. Brock

oxygenSource: auricmedia.net

A resident of Staunton, Virginia, Sandra had numerous near death experiences when she was a child, mostly because she would stop breathing. Her memories of those events had left her feeling “haunted.” For years she would replay being visited by long dead relatives.


Gloria Hipple

stethoscopeSource: Beyond the Light by P. M. H. Atwater

When Gloria was taken to Middlesex Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey because of a miscarriage, she almost lost her life. What she experienced was something of a flashback to an operation she had when she was a kid. She could see and smell the mask and felt like she was descending into blackness. According to Gloria, images of her surviving children brought her back to the world.


Jeanne L. Eppley

horizonSource: Beyond the Light by P. M. H. Atwater

Jeanne had been having a tough life in Columbus, Ohio when she gave birth to her first child. She had a near death experience during labor, but unlike many others in this list, hers wasn’t as warm and fuzzy. She later admitted that she fought against it (and won). It was a welcome victory though as today she is the mother of four children and her life has seemingly turned around.


John R. Liona

wombSource: Beyond the Light by P. M. H. Atwater

John was born a “blue baby” in Brooklyn, New York. For most of his life he had a recurring nightmare that he was struggling with living knots. Eventually, with the help of psychiatrists, he realized that his dream was of him in the womb struggling with his umbilical cord.


Howard Storm

ParisSource: near-death.com

A college professor and former self professed “double atheist,” Storm had a near death experience when his stomach perforated while he was visiting France. In the hospital, he left his body and heard voices calling out to him. He followed the voices down a dark hallway where they attacked him. He then started reciting the Lord’s Prayer and describes being saved by God. He went on to write a book called My Descent Into Death.


Don Piper

car crashSource: foxnews.com

After a pastor’s conference, Don was in a car accident. He later described going to heaven and standing before a large gate. Rescuers had pronounced him dead, but before arriving in the hospital, Don was alive again. Doctors were surprised, however, because he had broken nearly every major bone in his body. Don wrote about his ordeal in a book called “90 Minutes In Heaven.”


Ernest Hemingway

ernest hemmingway ww1Source: biography.com

While fighting in World War I, he was knocked out by an Austrian mortar. He later described how his soul left his body, flew around, and came back. His comrades managed to get him to safety, and he eventually recovered.


Julian A. Milkes

streetSource: teenink.com

When Julian was a child, his mother asked him to cross the street and pick some flowers for her. He did, but while he was crossing, a car shot out of nowhere and headed straight towards him. Julian recalls leaving his body and viewing the car heading towards him from above. The car veered away and didn’t hit him.

Note: people have been known to have near death experiences simply because they anticipate death, even if it doesn’t come.


Bryce Bond

pine nutsSource: Beyond the Light by P. M. H. Atwater

A famous media personality in New York, Bryce had a near death experience where he collapsed due to an allergy from pine nuts. During his experience, his black poodle that had passed away rushed towards him while he was in a long, bright tunnel.

Note: quite often children will describe meeting animals during near death experiences.


Betty J. Eadie

hoodSource: embracedbythelight.com

In 1973, Betty had a partial hysterectomy during which she had a near death experience. In her book “Embraced By The Light,” Betty describes being guided by three monk like figures towards a bright light that she recognized to be Jesus.


Veronika-Ulrike Barthel

lightningSource: truthofeternity.blogspot.com

After being struck by lightning in 1981, Veronika describes being transported to hell where she was escorted around by demons. Shortly thereafter, she was transported back to her body where she noticed that her hands were still burning. Maybe from the lightning?


Robin Michelle Halberdier

lightSource: Beyond the Light by P. M. H. Atwater

Born prematurely to a couple in Texas, Robin had hyaline membrane disease. She wasn’t even expected to live. In fact, her first memory is floating towards what she describes as a warm light. A voice told Robin it wasn’t her time, however, and that she had to go back to her body.


Jazmyne Cidavia-DeRepentigny

operating roomSource: beforeitsnews.com

When she was having a surgery in 1979, Jazmyne died on the operating table. She left her body and was hovering above it. The nurses in the room, however, hadn’t noticed that she had quit breathing. Jazmyne kept trying to make her hand move and eventually the nurses took a tube out of her throat and attached an oxygen mask. Jazmyne started breathing again.

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