25 Amazing Facts About Calvin and Hobbes

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Are you captivated by the world of Calvin and Hobbes? If you’re anything like me, you’re a fan who remembers characters like Spaceman Spiff and inventions such as Calvin’s “The Transmogrifier.” The incredible adventures shared by Calvin and his loyal tiger, Hobbes, are unforgettable. We should also acknowledge Calvin’s loving but often exasperated parents, and his elusive crush, Susie Derkins. Bill Watterson’s writing and artwork are both enchanting and hilariously entertaining. Revisiting his comic strips never gets old. We connect with Calvin’s boundless imagination and profound philosophical musings, appealing to both kids and adults. So, get ready for some excitement as I introduce 25 Remarkable Facts About Calvin and Hobbes.


The main characters were named after a philosopher and a theologian


Young, hyper-active Calvin was named after theologian John Calvin, while his tiger companion, Hobbes, was named after philosopher Thomas Hobbes.


Creator Bill Watterson refused to have a movie made


According to an interview, Watterson claimed a movie of “Calvin and Hobbes” would change the way he intended the comic to be viewed.


Calvin is not based on Watterson as a child


He described himself as a well behaved child unlike his creation, mischievous Calvin.


Watterson stopped creating the comic in '95


He wanted to do different things other than write comics, like painting, studying music, and other hobbies. Mainly, he stopped because he didn’t want the comic to be repetitive.


Hobbes was modeled after Watterson's Cat


Although named after Thomas Hobbes, the character’s mannerisms are based on Bill Watterson’s cat, Sprite.


An original Calvin and Hobbes is very expensive


An original comic of “Calvin and Hobbes” by Bill Watterson holds the record for an original comic at an auction.


There was a Calvin and Hobbes textbook


It’s true. Apparently, Watterson allowed the comic to be used to help kids with learning disabilities.


Susie Derkins was named after a dog


He said the character of Susie Derkins was named after his wife’s beagle, Derkins.


Miss Wormwood was based on a devil


Calvin’s teacher Miss Wormwood was taken from a character of a C.S. Lewis novel called “The Screwtape Letters.” The character called “Wormwood” was the devil’s apprentice.


The first publication of Calvin and Hobbes


“Calvin and Hobbes” was first published on November 18th, 1985. However, the publications told Bill Watterson to not put all his eggs in one basket by quitting his day job. Of course, we all know the comic became a huge crowd pleaser.


Calvin and Hobbes have been friends a while


Technically, if the strip was still being published, the characters would be celebrating 34 years of friendship. Although, they definitely wouldn’t look like it.


Pants are overatted created a grown up Calvin


“Bacon and Hobbes” is the story of Calvin and Susie’s daughter Bacon and her adventures with Hobbes. The comic is not approved or written by Bill Watterson.


Controversy with Calvin auto decal


You probably have seen Calvin peeing on the back of cars. Although most of it is in good humor, in the late ’90s, the state of South Carolina didn’t think so, and ticketed drivers who had it.


Bill Watterson was the youngest person to win the Rubeun Award in '86


He won again in 1988 and was nominated in 1992. He was the youngest person to win Cartoonist of the Year from the National Cartoonist Society.


Stephen King wrote Watterson a fan letter


Apparently, the king of horror was a big fan of the comic. Thankfully, he never tried to make a Calvin and Hobbes movie. Can you imagine?


Hobbes rarely calls Calvin by his name


There doesn’t appear to be a reason for this, but if you go back and read the comics, you’ll see it very rarely happens. Maybe once or twice.


Bill Watterson and Zits co-creator Jim Borgman went to the same college


Borgman was a few years older than Watterson, but they both had the same drawing teacher.


No offical Calvin and Hobbes Toys


Although there have been many carbon copies made, Bill Watterson refused to sell the rights to have official Calvin and Hobbes toys to be made and sold.


Calvin was originally a spaceman


While Watterson was unemployed, he came up with a comic about a loudmouth spaceman and his not so bright assistant. This duo would become the prototype for Calvin and Hobbes.


Bill Watterson was a big Peanuts fan


Obviously, the comic strip “Peanuts.” He might have enjoyed the snack, too. Watterson was a fan of Schultz’s expressive drawings.


The original works are kept in a museum


Many of the original “Calvin and Hobbes” artwork is kept at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum at Ohio State University. Jenny Robb, a curator at the museum and cartoon expert, was able to get a short interview with Watterson; he was known to dislike doing interviews.


The books have sold millions of copies


The comic has been printed in over 2,000 newspapers and over 45 million “Calvin and Hobbes” books have been sold.


Bill Watterson won highest cartoon award


In 2014, Bill Watterson was given the Angoulême Grand Prix, which is the highest honor a cartoonist can receive. He was the second American to win this award.


Calvin and Hobbes was a stamp


In 2010, a bunch of comics from “Calvin and Hobbes” to “Garfield” appeared on a collection of stamps called Sunday Funnies.


Calvin is the inventor of the game CalvinBall


If you read the comics, then you’ll remember Calvin was not that great at sports and invented the game “Calvinball,” where the players make up rules as they go along.

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