25 Amazing Cocktails That Will Crank Up Any Party

Some people do not drink cocktails saying they are too expensive but there is still many people who prefer this beverage to anything else. So why are cocktails so popular? To find out, we took a closer look at them and made a list of 25 most popular cocktails with their recipes. Can you try all of them in one night? (We’re kidding…please don’t try all of these in one night. And please remember not to drink and drive after having one of these amazing cocktails).

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Peanut Butter Cup Cocktail

www.theslowroasteditalian.com pb-cup-martiniwww.theslowroasteditalian.com

To make this irresistible dessert cocktail, we need creme de cacao, kahlua, frangelico, Bacardi white rum, creamy peanut butter and cream. In a martini shaker; combine the alcohols and the peanut butter and stir until the butter is dissolved into the alcohols. Add cream and ice to the mixture and shake to chill and combine. Prepare a martini glass by pouring a little chocolate in the bottom and pour the cocktail through strainer and serve.


Blue Lagoon

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Blue Lagoon is a popular summer cocktail featuring blue Curaçao. The recipe is simple – Pour vodka and curacao over ice in a highball glass. Fill with lemon juice, top with a lemon slice, and serve.


Emerald Breeze

rollingout.com emerald-islerollingout.com

Emerald breeze is quite complex drink consisting of Liqueur melon, Rum coconut, soda, ginger ale, lime juice, sugar syrup and a quarter lime. Shake all except for ginger ale and soda with ice in a shaker, then pour over ice in a long cocktail glass and top with ginger ale and soda.


Screw Gin

www.cocktailhunter.com long-slow-comfortable-screw-up-against-the-wallwww.cocktailhunter.com

Screw Gin is made from peach Schnapps, gin and orange juice. Put ice into glass and pour in gin and peach schnapps. Fill with orange juice and garnish with an orange slice. Stir and serve.


Irish Flag

www.barmano.com irish-flag-cocktail-240-bigwww.barmano.com

To make an Irish Flag, a popular St Patricks day drink, we need Brandy, Creme de Menthe and Bailey´s (or an Irish cream). First, pour the creme de menthe into a shot glass, then gently pour the Bailey’s over the back of a bar spoon and finish by carefully pouring the brandy.

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