25 Amazing Chalkboard Art You’ll Want To See

Chalkboard art is probably the last thing artists think about. Putting your heart and soul into a piece that can be quickly erased doesn’t sound like a good time. Plus, it’s doubtful anyone would want to stand and watch it unfold with tapping, squeaking, and scratching. And yet, when completed, it can be gripping and powerful. Whether it’s outside a coffee shop or at a school, intricate and complex chalkboard art pulls you in and makes you wonder how anyone could have pulled it off. Ready to see what we mean? Here are 25 Amazing Chalkboard Art You’ll Want To See.


This teacher made awe-inspiring chalkboard art for his students.

ocean waves chalk art

Trogdor the Burninator will always be the best of Homestar Runner.

trogdor the dragon


Nothing more terrifying than Scorpion goading you into art.

mortal kombat chalkboard art

We really hope this chalkboard art of Ironman was never taken down.

ironman chalkboard art


Chalkboard paint on a car is seriously the best idea.

star wars chalkboard car

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