25 Amazing Caribbean Islands That You Wish You Could Visit

From picturesque waterfalls to incredible coral reefs these are 25 amazing Caribbean islands that you wish you could visit!

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U.S. Virgin Islands

breathtaking caribbean islands

A destination of choice for cruise ships, these islands are really small. In fact, they’re no bigger than Washington DC.


Cayman Islands

breathtaking caribbean islands

Due to being a popular tax haven, this place has more registered businesses than it does people.


Puerto Rico

breathtaking caribbean islands

With one of the strongest economies in the Caribbean, this US territory is a popular cruise destination.


St. Vincent and the Grenadines

breathtaking caribbean islands

In spite of a high unemployment rate this chain of islands is famous for its bananas, beaches, and also being the movie set for Pirates of the Caribbean.


British Virgin Islands

breathtaking caribbean islands

Although this British Overseas Territory used to have trouble with drug smugglers, these days it’s primary claim to fame are its scenic beaches.

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