25 Amazing Bus Stop Concepts

For those who commute to and from work and to other places they need to go to, a sturdy and comfortable shelter from the natural elements is a blessing. These days, designers aim to please commuters with aesthetics and ergonomics, but they don’t stop there. These shelters are now loaded with technological advancements and environmentally friendly features like solar panels, recycled material constructions, and even green roofs. Who knows, one of these days, you may get to sit under one of these 25 amazing bus stop concepts.

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Martin Necas’ Design

25 Martin Necas'_tnwww.designbuzz.com

Designer Martin Necas’ veered away from technological components in this ergonomic and stylish bus shelter. It’s an elegant and modern design for a waiting area which is considerably roomy and holds 4-6 passengers with space for a stroller or a wheelchair.


Project Bottlestop

24 Project Bottlestop_tnwww.boutique-homes.com

Project Bottlestop was created by a University of Kentucky student who employed softdrink bottles which were equipped with solar powered LED lights to form walls. At daytime, the bottles store the energy from the sunlight then it uses the stored energy to illuminate the structure at night.


YBR Bus Shelter

23 YBR Bus Shelter_tnwww.boutique-homes.com

Eliel Cabrera designed an eco-friendly and hi-tech bus stop which uses solar panels for energy, adapts to the needs of mother nature and also communicates with mobile phones with route and schedule information.


Hi-tech San Francisco Bus Stop

22 Fitness First's_tnwww.designbuzz.com

Silicon Valley will be seeing more of these high tech bus stops which will offer WiFi. It will also be environmentally friendly by incorporating LED lights which use solar energy and are built entirely of recycled components. By the end of this year, 1000 of these will be installed in San Francisco.


Fitness First’s Weighing Bus Stop

21 Hi Tech San Fransisco_tnhttp://walyou.com/

When a person sits on the bench of this bus stop, it will show them their actual weight. Fitness First, the Netherlands-based health club operator, planned to put weight meters or weighing scales in some of the bus shelters in Amsterdam in order to promote a healthy living.

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