25 Amazing Bus Stop Concepts

Posted by , Updated on April 20, 2024

For those who commute to and from work and to other places they need to go to, a sturdy and comfortable shelter from the natural elements is a blessing. These days, designers aim to please commuters with aesthetics and ergonomics, but they don’t stop there. These shelters are now loaded with technological advancements and environmentally friendly features like solar panels, recycled material constructions, and even green roofs. Who knows, one of these days, you may get to sit under one of these 25 amazing bus stop concepts.

Martin Necas’ Design

25 Martin Necas'_tnwww.designbuzz.com

Designer Martin Necas’ veered away from technological components in this ergonomic and stylish bus shelter. It’s an elegant and modern design for a waiting area which is considerably roomy and holds 4-6 passengers with space for a stroller or a wheelchair.


Project Bottlestop

24 Project Bottlestop_tnwww.boutique-homes.com

Project Bottlestop was created by a University of Kentucky student who employed softdrink bottles which were equipped with solar powered LED lights to form walls. At daytime, the bottles store the energy from the sunlight then it uses the stored energy to illuminate the structure at night.


YBR Bus Shelter

23 YBR Bus Shelter_tnwww.boutique-homes.com

Eliel Cabrera designed an eco-friendly and hi-tech bus stop which uses solar panels for energy, adapts to the needs of mother nature and also communicates with mobile phones with route and schedule information.


Hi-tech San Francisco Bus Stop

22 Fitness First's_tnwww.designbuzz.com

Silicon Valley will be seeing more of these high tech bus stops which will offer WiFi. It will also be environmentally friendly by incorporating LED lights which use solar energy and are built entirely of recycled components. By the end of this year, 1000 of these will be installed in San Francisco.


Fitness First’s Weighing Bus Stop

21 Hi Tech San Fransisco_tnhttp://walyou.com/

When a person sits on the bench of this bus stop, it will show them their actual weight. Fitness First, the Netherlands-based health club operator, planned to put weight meters or weighing scales in some of the bus shelters in Amsterdam in order to promote a healthy living.


GPS-Enabled Bus Stop

20 GPS Enabled_tnwww.thehindu.com

A Global Positioning System (GPS), vending machine, public telephone, cellphone charging outlet, ceiling fans and security guards are some of the many helpful amenities of the soon to be bus stops in Chennai, India.


Rural Bus Stop

19 Rural_tnwww.designbuzz.com

This bus stop is also powered by solar energy and is activated to light it up with a button. Moreover, there’s an electronic screen which provides real time journey information to waiting passengers.


Round Bus Stop

18 Round_tnhttp://walyou.com/

Designed by Viera Gorelova, this bus shelter compliments the eco friendly and car free city of Bratislava. It has a solar powered roof that lights up in the dark and a touch screen information display that provides tourists with local information.


Solar Bus Stop

17 Solar_tnhttp://walyou.com/

This bus stop features a big flat roof that is covered with solar panels so that it can serve, not only as place of shelter but also as an energy provider for the city. The bus is connected to the city’s electrical grid so that any extra energy is fed back into the city.



16 Landmark_tnhttp://walyou.com/

Although it doesn’t have a lot of hi-tech features, this bus stop boasts of a colorful and stylish design which will attract the attention of commuters.


Drop Spot

15 Drop Spot_tnhttp://walyou.com/

Jonas Elslander and Jeroen Robberechts put their heads together to come up with the “Space Saving and Space Creating Collapsibles”. This is a concept of an inflatable, collapsible, environment friendly (considering that it’s made up of eco friendly fabric) and easy to install structure which is cost-effective and can be instantly set up as a bus stop and or rain shelter.


Time Square

14 Time Square_tnwww.designbuzz.com

Kinetic color technology is used to communicate the proximity of the next bus in this futuristic looking bus shelter by Fiori.


Internet-Enabled Adaptable Bus Stop

13 Internet Enabled Adaptable_tnhttp://walyou.com/

These bus stops will create a wireless mesh network across the city with the capability of sending wireless internet signals to each other. It will be equipped with a GPS transmitter to send real time bus information to each stop and an interactive touch sensitive map for passengers to plan routes.


Bus Stop Intelligent Series Flex

12 Intelligent Flex_tnhttp://walyou.com/

WiFi, solar panel roof, dynamic display for schedule updates and announcements, waste bin, advertisement display case and of course a bench are all part of this futuristic bus stop shelter that boasts of a sustainable construction via its recycled materials.


Abrigo do Onibus

11 Abrigo do Onibus_tnhttp://walyou.com/

Another bus stop that is constructed out of sustainable and recycled materials. It’s minimalistic design will enable these sustainable bus stops to be constructed at a more affordable price.


Walking Energy

10 Walking Energy_tnhttp://walyou.com/

Who would think walking can be a source of energy? The industrial designer Laurence Kemball-Cook created power generating slabs called “Pavegen” which turns the energy it extracts from being walked on into a small amount of electricity that lights up the bus stop at night.



9 Voyager_tnwww.designbuzz.com

This bus shelter is a modular system designed to include solar powered lighting and other technologies like WiFi and a CCTV.



8 Eyestop_tnhttp://walyou.com/

A team of researchers at M.I.T. came up with this Eyestop concept which is expected to be installed in Florence, Italy. This concept features amenities such as touch screens and LED’s which provide Internet access to help passengers plan for the best routes and correct directions. Information from these devices can also be synced to a mobile phone.


TU Colibri

7 Tu Colibri_tnhttp://walyou.com/

Beatriz Cockburn came up with this bus stop to improve Peru’s transport system which displays time statistics and routes on a touch screen block. LED’s indicate the change of routes which is powered by a solar panel on the roof.



6 Aquriomania_tnwww.designbuzz.com

Instead of advertisements, this bus stop features an aquarium with real fishes to keep passengers company while waiting.


Bird Bus Stop

5 Bird_tnhttp://walyou.com/

A mini garden on top of a bus stop? Might sound peculiar but this one’s eco-friendly interesting. This would be a great help for birds who’ve lost their homes due to prevalent deforestation and are moving in to the city. Although this may sound a bit complicated, it is said that it’s installation is relatively easy to do.


Ecoshel Sustainable Bus Stop

4 Ecoshel Sustainable_tnhttp://walyou.com/

Ecoshel has solar panels, electric generators, and pressure pads which reproduces it’s very own energy, both electric and heat. Tiffany Roddis, its designer, also included an advanced route finder and GPS to help passengers with their trips.


Urban Botanical Garden

3 Urban Botanical_tnhttp://walyou.com/

An interactive garden bus stop allows pedestrians to leave multimedia messages for each other and can be downloaded or viewed via mobile phones. There’s a touch screen interface inside and a custom LED display outside for pedestrians to use while waiting.


Bike Storage Bus Stop

2 Bike Storage_tnhttp://walyou.com/

Students from the Royal College of Art created a bus stop which not only functions as a place to wait for a bus but also as a storage for bikes and an electricity house. Energy from rainwater, sun and wind is stored in the structure and can be used for electric buses.


Slough Bus Stop

1 Slough Bus Stop_tnwww.zzzone.co.uk

Though not feasible for routine bus stops, this bus stop bay Designed by Bblur architecture, has a shelter which covers 450 sqm and includes 10 bus bays that has amenities like waiting rooms, toilet facilities, cycle stands and even a coffee shop.