25 Amazing Animals That Came Back From Extinction

We have already published several posts dedicated to extinct animals such as these, but in fact, not all species that were ever believed to be extinct are really extinct. There are animals that were considered to be lost forever, but they reappeared to the great surprise of the scientific community. To show you some of the extinct animals that came back to life, we compiled this post with 25 Amazing Animals That Came Back From Extinction.

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Giant Squid

Giant Squid Source: natureworldnews.com

Recent studies have found that the Giant Squid, a large deep-sea squid measuring up at 13 m (43 ft), probably was on the brink of extinction. Exactly why the population of this highly intelligent animal dropped so drastically remains a mystery…as much of a mystery to researchers as the squids themselves. It’s thought that it could have been associated with the abundance of the sperm whale, its main predator.


Caspian Horse

Caspian Horse Source: caspiansporthorse.com

A small horse breed originally native to Northern Iran, the Caspian Horse had been considered extinct since the 7th century when the Persian Empire collapsed. It was lost for more than 1300 years until the horse was accidentally rediscovered in 1965 in a small village in Northern Iran. American-born breeder of Iranian horses, Louise Firouz found it.


Madagascar Serpent Eagle

Madagascar Serpent Eagle Source: edgeofexistence.org

A medium-sized bird of prey, the Madagascar Serpent Eagle is a very rare bird local to tropical forests of Madagascar. Its habitat is becoming increasingly depleted and fragmented; for many years, it was doubted whether the species still survived in the wild. Fortunately, the Madagascar Serpent Eagle was recently rediscovered again.


Woolly Flying Squirrel

Woolly Flying Squirrel Source: abc.net.au

The world’s largest glider, the Woolly Flying Squirrel is a rare species of the flying squirrel. It lives high in the mountains of Northern Pakistan in inaccessible areas, which is why it was mainly known from skins brought back from these places. With no actual sightings of the animal for decades, it was already thought to be extinct, but in 1996, the Woolly Flying Squirrel was rediscovered.


Dinosaur Ant

Dinosaur AntSource: theconversation.com

One of so called “living fossils,” the Dinosaur Ant is one of the closest living examples of what some of the earliest ants might have been like, some 100 million years ago. The Dinosaur Ant was first collected in 1931 at the West Australian end of the Great Australian Bight. As no other specimens were found after that, the species was thought to be extinct. However, in 1977, a thriving population of these ants was unexpectedly discovered near Poochera, South Australia.

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