25 Amazing Animal Facts You Might Not Know

The animal kingdom is full of amazing facts. It’s a world that never ceases to amaze us with all sorts of wonders and incredible feats. There are animals that can do seemingly impossible things such as traveling faster than a sport’s car or having the ability to kill someone with a mere brush of its hairs. On today’s list, I have searched high and low to find some of the most interesting animal facts out there. There are SO many, but I have narrowed them down to 25. These are 25 Amazing Animal Facts You Might Not Know.

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The Fastest Land Animal Alive Today


You may be aware that cheetahs are fast. But HOW fast may just blow your mind. Cheetahs have been documented to go from 0 to 60 mph (0 to 96.6 kph or 26.82 m/s) in just three seconds. That’s faster than most sports cars. Some scientists believe that in the wild, Cheetahs may even go faster. This incredible speed makes the cheetah the fastest land animal alive today.


The Fastest Marine Animal Alive


The Cheetah may be the fastest land animal alive today, but there is one animal that can travel faster than the cheetah, the sailfish. This bizarre looking fish has been clocked at speeds reaching 68 mph (96.56 kph or 30.4 m/s). Michael Phelps who?


The Fastest Animal on the Planet

Peregrine falconhttps://www.conservationinstitute.org/10-fastest-animals-on-earth/

Though the cheetah and the sailfish have pretty impressive speeds, they can’t match the speed of this avian creature. The peregrine falcon can reach speeds of up to 200 mph (that’s 200…not a typo, also that’s 321.87 kph or 89.41 m/s for our metric friends) while diving for prey. This makes the peregrine falcon the fastest animal on the planet while diving.


The Brazilian Wandering Spider's Bite and Four Hour Erections

Brazilian Wandering Spiderhttps://www.thesun.co.uk/uncategorized/1497823/a-deadly-breed-of-spider-which-gives-bite-victims-painful-erections-could-have-made-it-to-the-uk/

The Brazilian Wandering Spider’s bite has a very interesting side effect. This spider’s bite gives its victims a painful four-hour erection. Now before you start tossing your Viagra pills away let me warn you, the Brazilian wandering spider is officially the world’s most venomous spider and is known to kill its victims in just two hours.


Hummingbirds Fly Backwards


Hummingbirds are amazing. You’ve probably seen a couple in your backyard or maybe on your hummingbird feeder. Generally, they are very small birds; in fact, you might even mistake them for a large insect. However, these incredible birds hold a special record in the animal kingdom: they are the ONLY birds that can fly…backwards. They use this incredible feat to help them get in and out of flowers as they go about gathering nectar.

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