25 Accidental Discoveries That You Should Be Thankful For

From plastics to potato chips these are 25 accidental discoveries that you should be thankful for!

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accidental inventions

John Pemberton was not a businessman. He just wanted to cure headaches. His recipes consisted of two things – coca leaves and cola nuts. When his lab assistant accidentally mixed the two with carbonated water Coke was born.



accidental inventions

In 1896 French scientist Henri Becquerel was working on an experiment where uranium enriched crystal was burning an image onto a photographic plate using sunlight…or so he thought. When dark clouds rolled in one day he put the equipment in a drawer to continue another day. When he came back a few days later he found that the crystal had somehow still managed to emit rays that “fogged the plate”.


Smart Dust

accidental inventions

When chemistry graduate students working on a silicon chip accidentally shattered it they discovered that the tiny bits of the chip were still sending signals. They coined the bits “smart dust” and today they play a role in technologies used to attack and destroy tumors.


Corn Flakes

accidental inventions

Keith Kellogg was assisting his brother who worked as a doctor at Battle Creek Sanitarium with patients and their diets when he accidentally left the bread dough sitting out one day. He decided to bake it anyway and the flaky snack that emerged was a hit among the patients.



accidental inventions

Alfred Nobel, a Swedish chemist and engineer was trying to stabilize nitroglycerin so that it could be stored when a series of accidents eventually led to the death of his brother in an explosion. Some say this pushed him even harder. One day while he was transporting some of the compound a can started leaking. The packing mixture, however, started absorbing the liquid. Since nitroglycerin is most dangerous in its liquid form he had found his answer…absorb it.

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