25 Absurd Superstitions People Actually Believe. (Don’t Judge, You Might Believe Some Of These Too).

Superstitions promote a bizarre, narrow-minded way of thinking and in all honesty that’s never good. Even though we’re living in the age of “technological and scientific enlightenment” where logic and reason are the only criterion in most societies, there are people who still believe in strange superstitions. Case in point, here are 25 superstitions that many people from around the world appear to believe or are just too afraid to reject completely.

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Ascalapha odorata, Mexico

Ascalapha odorata

There’s a strange-looking owlet moth with the even stranger name Ascalapha odorata that is considered a harbinger of death mainly in Mexican folklore but also Caribbean as well. In Spanish it is known as “Mariposa de la muerte,” which translates to something like “butterfly of death.”


The Goodman’s Croft, Scotland

The Goodman's Croft

The Goodman’s Croft was a land owned collectively by a number of people but was condemned in 1594 by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland because they believed it to be a place where people worshiped Satan.


Gris-gris, West Africa


Gris-gris is a creepy voodoo amulet that comes from West Africa and is believed to protect the person who wears it from evil spirits and bad luck. But what’s a gris-gris? Well, nothing more than a small cloth bag, usually inscribed with verses from the Qur’an and containing a number of small ritual objects, worn on the person.


No stroller before the baby is born, China


In the West women usually start shopping for baby things as soon as they discover they’re pregnant but in China it’s a whole different story. A pregnant Chinese woman will avoid getting a stroller before her baby is born because according to Chinese tradition it’s considered bad luck to have an empty stroller in the house while you’re pregnant.


Wolfssegen, Germany


The Wolfssegen superstition has survived in Germany, since the late Middle Ages when most people believed that a Wolfssegen was an apotropaic charm against wolves, while a Wolfbann was a malevolent spell that attracted wolf attacks. Nowadays most of these superstitions are considered sci-fi scenarios but there are many hunters and people who work in the Bavarian forest who still keep a Wolfssegen on them.

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