20 Terrifying Booby Traps That Will Make You Gasp

For centuries, humans have employed booby traps for one reason or another. Much of the time, people have used them for defensive purposes. Hunters also utilize booby traps to catch their prey.

Other than being cheap, booby traps are usually very effective and easy to design and use. Pretty much anyone can make one (Kevin McCallister from Home Alone would definitely approve the aforementioned statement.)

Many booby traps are not designed to kill; however, some booby traps have the ability to kill not one, not two, but a whole military unit of men. If you don’t believe me, this list of 20 Terrifying Booby Traps That Will Make You Gasp will definitely convince you.

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Exploding Flags


North Vietnamese/Viet Cong armor was virtually non-existent during the Vietnam War, so those fellas had to be really inventive in their battle against the highly-advanced American military.

For practical reasons, most of the booby traps the Viet Cong used worked on their own. One such booby trap was the “explosive” flag, a bomb camouflaged within a flag.


Exploding Helmets


The Nazis are known for having been some of the most sadistic human beings to ever walk on the face of the earth. But you likely knew this, just like you probably know about their concentration camps and horrific scientific experiments with humans.

What you may not know, however, is that they invented some of the most lethal booby traps in history as well. So, in case you ever see a discarded Nazi helmet left lying on the ground, just don’t pick it up. It’s not a helmet; it’s a bomb!


The Bamboo Whip


The Bamboo Whip is a sharpened bamboo trap consisting of spikes over a long bamboo pole. The pole would be pulled back into an arc, using a catch attached to a tripwire.

When the wire gets tripped, the catch gives out and sends foot-long spikes into a trooper’s chest at a hundred miles an hour. They were another popular weapon used during the Vietnam conflict.


The Mace


Mace traps have been used in various different forms during the years. All of them were horrific … and often deadly.

A mace usually consists of a spiked concrete ball, drum, box, or log, suspended in a tree on the end of a rope or cable. When the tripwire is pulled, the mace swings down along the path, striking anyone in its way.


Punji Sticks


These traps were made with sharpened bamboo stakes, often smeared with urine, feces, or another substance that would cause infection in the victim.

The Viet Cong would dig a hole and put the sticks in the bottom, then cover it with a thin frame.

The victim would put his foot through the cover and fall on the spikes below. That probably hurt … like an awful lot.

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