20 Bessie Coleman Facts: America’s First Black Female Pilot

An inspirational list: 20 Bessie Coleman facts: America’s first black female pilot. Bessie Coleman was ahead of her time. Coleman was the very first Black, Native American female to become a pilot.

She was a forward-thinking leader. And not surprisingly, fans nicknamed her “Queen Bess.” Coleman broke racial barriers and inspired many people. Sadly, as the first black female pilot, she also dealt with racism and sexism along the way.

Eventually, Coleman’s perseverance paid off. She turned an incredible dream into a reality. A pioneer and a visionary, Bessie Coleman is one of history’s greatest inspirational leaders. So, without further ado, we present 20 Bessie Coleman Facts: America’s First Black Female Pilot.

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She has her own stamp

Bessie Coleman Stamphttp://bessiecoleman.org/

In 1995 the post office honored Queen Bess with a commemorative stamp.


Her first appearance was to honor black veterans.

20 Bessie Coleman Facts 6https://www.encyclopedia.com/people/social-sciences-and-law/social-reformers/bessie-coleman

Bessie Coleman’s first aerial show took place at Curtiss Field. It was to honor black veterans of World War One. The crowd was so amazed by it, she was nicknamed “The World’s Greatest Woman Flyer.”


She died in a plane crash during one of her shows

20 Bessie Coleman Facts 18https://www.thoughtco.com/bessie-coleman-biography-3528459

Bessie Coleman died performing a trick in Jacksonville, Florida. She had planned a parachute jump, so Coleman didn’t have her seatbelt on. The Curtiss JN-4 (Jenny) was a small plane and unsteady.

Unfortunately, when the plane made a sudden nosedive, Coleman was ejected from her seat and she died on impact.


She was a lecturer

20 Bessie Coleman Facts 12https://www.biography.com/people/bessie-coleman-36928

She went across the country lecturing about flying. Her goals were to get people excited to fly and attend her school.


Prior to her death, she was in another crash

20 Bessie Coleman Facts 7https://www.biography.com/people/bessie-coleman-36928

In 1923, she was injured in a plane crash and bedridden for many months. She told a reporter, “tell the world I’m coming back.”

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