20 Bessie Coleman Facts: America’s First Black Female Pilot

An inspirational list: 20 Bessie Coleman facts: America’s first black female pilot. Bessie Coleman was ahead of her time. Coleman was the very first Black, Native American female to become a pilot.

She was a forward-thinking leader. And not surprisingly, fans nicknamed her “Queen Bess.” Coleman broke racial barriers and inspired many people. Sadly, as the first black female pilot, she also dealt with racism and sexism along the way.

Eventually, Coleman’s perseverance paid off. She turned an incredible dream into a reality. A pioneer and a visionary, Bessie Coleman is one of history’s greatest inspirational leaders. So, without further ado, we present 20 Bessie Coleman Facts: America’s First Black Female Pilot.

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There is a street named after her

20 Bessie Coleman Facts 2https://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/orange/os-black-pilot-bessie-coleman-orlando-20150131-story.html

The city of Orlando, FL, changed a street name to Bessie Coleman’s name. It was originally called West Washington Street, but it became Bessie Coleman street afterward.

Coleman was a longtime Orlando resident and the city wanted to honor her. Luckily, she was able to see the name change before she died.


She spoke french

20 Bessie Coleman Facts 5https://www.thoughtco.com/bessie-coleman-biography-3528459

In order to prepare for her flight school in France, Bessie Colemen studied at the Berlitz School.


She was offered a movie role

20 Bessie Coleman Factshttps://www.learning-history.com/bessie-coleman-american-civil-aviator/

Bessie Coleman was offered a role in a film called “Shadow and Sunshine.” When she discovered that the role would stereotype African Americans, she walked off the set.


She angered investors!

20 Bessie Coleman Facts 10https://www.learning-history.com/bessie-coleman-american-civil-aviator/

Bessie Coleman was a stubborn woman and she didn’t let anyone get in her way. That included businesspeople.

In one incident, she walked off a set and angered her investors. They withdrew their contributions and called her actions “temperamental” and “eccentric.”


There is a school founded in her name.

20 Bessie Coleman Facts 4https://www.thoughtco.com/bessie-coleman-biography-3528459

After Bessie Coleman’s death, black women flyers founded the Bessie Coleman Aero Clubs in 1975. And, it is open to women of all color.

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