20 Bessie Coleman Facts: America’s First Black Female Pilot

An inspirational list: 20 Bessie Coleman facts: America’s first black female pilot. Bessie Coleman was ahead of her time. Coleman was the very first Black, Native American female to become a pilot.

She was a forward-thinking leader. And not surprisingly, fans nicknamed her “Queen Bess.” Coleman broke racial barriers and inspired many people. Sadly, as the first black female pilot, she also dealt with racism and sexism along the way.

Eventually, Coleman’s perseverance paid off. She turned an incredible dream into a reality. A pioneer and a visionary, Bessie Coleman is one of history’s greatest inspirational leaders. So, without further ado, we present 20 Bessie Coleman Facts: America’s First Black Female Pilot.

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Her nickname was "Queen Bess"

20 Bessie Coleman Facts 10https://disciplesofflight.com/bessie-coleman-aviation-history/

There is no information on how she got this name, but Bessie Coleman’s nickname is “Queen Bess.” 


She used to walk four miles to school

20 Bessie Coleman Facts 9https://www.biography.com/people/bessie-coleman-36928

Not only did Bessie Coleman have to walk four miles to school, but she walked four miles to a school that was segregated.


She once worked as a manicurist

20 Bessie Coleman Facts 15https://www.blackpast.org/aaw/vignette_aahw/coleman-bessie-1892-1926/

Bessie Coleman worked as a manicurist at The Whitesox Barbershop. She worked there when she moved to Chicago in 1912. It was at this barbershop that she got inspired to fly.


She is considered to be the first black woman to get a pilot license

20 Bessie Coleman Facts 16https://www.biography.com/people/bessie-coleman-36928

Bessie Coleman received her pilot license on June 15th, 1921. Since then, she has inspired many female pilots to get their licenses.


She came from a large family

20 Bessie Coleman Facts 8https://www.biography.com/people/bessie-coleman-36928

Bessie Coleman was born in Atlanta, Texas. She had 12 siblings. Her father was part Native and African American.

Sadly, he left the family when Coleman was very young. She, along with her siblings helped their single mother to survive.

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