15 Worst TV Shows Ever (But You Can’t Stop Watching Them)

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Can you believe that some of the worst TV shows ever are still being watched by some people? I guess people have different standards of entertainment. To be fair, not all shows suffer from bad quality. That is, they may be visually appealing and even be mildly entertaining, however, some shows have content so raunchy that they can be considered some of the worst shows ever. You know cheap and raunchy shows are bad, but you watch them anyway. Right? We all have our guilty pleasure entertainment. Why don’t you take a stroll through this list and find out if one of these is yours? From “Jerry Springer” to “Taken, these are some of the worst TV shows ever (but you can’t stop watching them).


13 Reasons Why

13 reasons whyhttps://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/fullarticle/2646773?utm_source=Silverchair_Information_Systems&utm_campaign=FTM_07272017&utm_content=news_releases&cmp=1&utm_medium=email https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-44170473

Though this show may not suffer from a poor execution (such as bad acting, confusing plot, poor makeup, etc), the show may have one of the worst and most dangerous unintended consequences out of any shows on our list. The controversial Netflix series “13 Reason Why” told the story of Hannah Baker, a teenager who committed suicide and left behind cassette tapes explaining why. The series has been praised for its exploration of difficult issues that including rape, bullying, and suicide. However, it was also criticized for its detailed depiction of Hannah’s death which critics claim “glamorized suicide.” According to a study in the Journal of American Medicine, this glorification of suicide may have led to a rise in suicide rates. Despite the study, Netflix refused to take the series down and even came out with a second season, which was a total dud.


Keeping Up With The Kardashians

kardashianshttps://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/2016/04/keeping-up-with-the-kardashians-season-12-premiere-review https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/cifamerica/2011/nov/23/how-about-not-keeping-up-with-the-kardashians

“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” has been a staple of our pop culture for over a decade. It first aired in 2007 and has remained relevant to many people out there. Though it’s difficult to pinpoint how TV stars making roughly $6 million in shows and endorsement are relevant to your regular everyday person. KUWTK revolves around the Kardashian family in a “behind-the-scenes” type of real-world environment. Much of the star’s lives are filmed for the public’s enjoyment, which is somewhat troubling, especially when a show places “emphasis on vanity, greed, promiscuity, vulgarity and over-the-top conspicuous consumption.”


The Real Housewives Franchise

real housewiveshttps://www.ranker.com/review/the-real-housewives-of-orange-county/2216322?ref=wiki_857119 https://www.huffingtonpost.com/yashar-hedayat/real-housewives-women_b_901196.html

Whether it’s the “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” “Beverley Hills,” “Atlanta”…pick your city, the premise is the same: a show that focuses on the personal and professional lives of several women residing in a specific city. The problem, however, lies in the portrayal of the women in the shows. We live in a society that unfortunately marginalizes and stereotype women. The Real Housewives Franchise doesn’t help this situation by painting women in a bad light and depicting them as narcissistic, catty, or even mentally unstable.


The Bachelor


Continuing the trend of shows that portray women in a bad light, here’s “The Bachelor.” The show revolves around 25 gorgeous women who compete for a man’s attention by making complete fools of themselves. The goal is to be the last one standing and to eventually marry the guy. But, could you really marry a person after spending not even a week getting to know them through a bizarre series of planned dates and contests? According to the show, you can! Dismal portrayal of relationships and the value of women is just the beginning of its many flaws.


Once Upon A Time

once upon a timehttps://www.avclub.com/it-s-going-to-tough-for-once-upon-a-time-to-sell-this-u-1819208806

“Once Upon A Time” is a fairy tale-themed series that started out as an interesting, captivating, and fresh new take on classic favorites such as “Cinderella,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Snow White.” However, something happened somewhere along this show’s history where what used to be a well-written fantasy drama turned into a gimmicky and frankly laughable disappointment. In Season 7, the show tried to reboot the franchise by moving it from “Storybrook” to “Seattle,” but this coupled with a host of new characters and plots really made it difficult for fans to hook unto anything familiar to carry them through the new season. It’s sad because this show could have been great, and in the beginning it was.

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